“Don’t Support Munawar “Thara Bhai Joginder Comment Will Shock You ! Support UK07 Rider !

Thara bhai Joginder Support Uk07 Rider Anuragis the boss

Thara Bhai Joginder recently said to Not Support Munawar Faruqi as he make Fun of Indian Gods ! Click Here to Read More !

In the whirlwind of reality TV, the UK07 Rider has found himself in the midst of a storm. Currently participating in Bigg Boss, he has become the target of online trolls, with many creating humorous memes at his expense. Surprisingly, the trolling takes an unexpected turn as supporters rally behind Munawar Faruqi, a fellow contestant with a controversial past of allegedly hurting Hindu sentiments.

Thara Bhai Joginder, a voice of reason in this digital chaos, has spoken up. Addressing the online mockery directed at the UK07 Rider, Thara Bhai Joginder questions the wisdom of ridiculing someone who is actively engaged in charity work. He highlights the positive impact the rider is making beyond the TV screen, urging people to acknowledge his efforts.

Thara Bhai Joginder further points out the irony of supporting Munawar Faruqi, emphasizing the accusations against him for making fun of Hindu gods. In a straightforward manner, he questions the priorities of those who choose to back a contestant with a controversial history over someone dedicated to philanthropy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why is the UK07 Rider being trolled in Bigg Boss?
    The UK07 Rider is facing trolling in Bigg Boss, primarily through the creation of funny memes targeting him.
  2. Who is Munawar Faruqi, and why is he being supported amid the trolling?
    Munawar Faruqi, another contestant, is being supported despite a controversial past involving accusations of hurting Hindu sentiments.
  3. What did Thara Bhai Joginder say about the trolling and support dynamics?
    Thara Bhai Joginder questioned the logic behind making fun of the UK07 Rider, highlighting the rider’s charity work. He also criticized supporting someone with allegations of making fun of Hindu gods.
  4. Why did Thara Bhai Joginder emphasize charity work in defense of the UK07 Rider?
    Thara Bhai Joginder highlighted the charitable contributions of the UK07 Rider to redirect focus towards the positive impact beyond the trolling.
  5. What is the irony pointed out by Thara Bhai Joginder in supporting Munawar Faruqi?
    Thara Bhai Joginder emphasized the irony of supporting Munawar Faruqi, given the accusations against him for making fun of Hindu gods, raising questions about the priorities of those supporters.

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