“Why No Youtube Fanfest in Jharkhand ?” Manoj Dey Angry Response !

Manoj Dey angry on youtube india fanfest creative collector

Manoj Dey Angry Response on Youtube ! No Youtube Fanfest In Jharkhand ! Click Here to Read More !

In the vibrant world of YouTube, where creators and fans come together, a murmur of discontent has emerged. Manoj Dey, a spirited content creator from Jharkhand, is expressing his dissatisfaction with YouTube India’s recent events, such as the YouTube Fanfest and Creator Collective.

Manoj Dey, known for his engaging content and a growing fanbase, is feeling a bit left out. He’s not upset about the events themselves—those are happening all over India, bringing creators and fans closer in big cities. The problem? Jharkhand seems to be missing from the YouTube party.

In a recent online rant, Manoj shared his frustration, questioning why YouTube consistently overlooks states like Bihar and Jharkhand when organizing these events. He wonders why the festivities are limited to the more prominent cities, leaving the heartland yearning for its own share of the YouTube celebration.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why is Manoj Dey upset with YouTube India’s events?
    Manoj Dey is upset because events like YouTube Fanfest and Creator Collective are not being organized in Jharkhand, and he feels that smaller states like his are being consistently ignored.
  2. What does Manoj Dey love about YouTube?
    Manoj Dey loves the sense of community on YouTube and the opportunity it provides for creators to connect with their audience.
  3. What does Manoj Dey believe is the impact of not having events in Jharkhand?
    Manoj believes that the absence of events in Jharkhand makes it challenging for local creators to connect with their audience and grow their channels.
  4. What does Manoj think YouTube’s responsibility is towards creators from smaller states?
    Manoj thinks that YouTube has a responsibility to acknowledge and include creators from every part of the country, not just the more prominent cities.
  5. How did Manoj Dey express his feelings about this issue?
    Manoj Dey expressed his feelings through a video on his YouTube channel, where he openly shared his frustration and disappointment with the current event organization strategy by YouTube India.

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