Elvish Yadav Compared His Bank Balance, With Haters Who Says Him ‘CHAPRI’!

Elvish Yadav reaction on haters who says him chapri

Elvish Yadav Replied His Haters By Comparing His Bank Balance With Haters, Know Full Drama

Title: Elvish Yadav Claps Back at Haters in Latest Vlog

In the vast world of YouTube, where creators navigate the complexities of online fame, Elvish Yadav, the renowned daily vlogger, recently found himself addressing a rather unpleasant situation. Haters, employing the term ‘Chapri’ to describe him, took to spamming his comment box with derogatory remarks. Undeterred, Yadav decided to tackle the issue head-on in his latest vlog.

In a candid response, Elvish Yadav asserted that those quick to label him as ‘Chapri’ might want to reconsider their choice of words. With a touch of humor, he quipped, “People who call me ‘chapri’ in the comment box, do you know how much is sitting in my bank balance? I could buy thousands of haters who throw around the term ‘chapri’ for no reason.”

While clarifying that he wasn’t intending to show off, Yadav expressed confusion over the true meaning of ‘chapri’ for these trolls. He then shifted focus to a more profound observation, pointing out that the surnames of these faceless detractors often seemed identical. Despite this observation, he emphasized his commitment to positivity and declined to spread negativity.

Yadav further portrayed himself and his team as individuals of a polite, positive, and silent disposition. The vlogger’s response serves as a reminder that behind the camera, these content creators face their fair share of challenges but choose to rise above negativity.


Q: What triggered Elvish Yadav’s response in his latest vlog?
A: Haters labeled him as ‘Chapri’ in spam comments on his YouTube channel.

Q: How did Elvish Yadav respond to the derogatory remarks?
A: In his latest vlog, Yadav responded with humor, highlighting his financial success and questioning the true meaning of ‘chapri.’

Q: Did Elvish Yadav acknowledge the similarity in surnames among the trolls?
A: Yes, he observed that many of the fake trollers shared the same surname but emphasized his commitment to positivity and avoiding negativity.

Q: How did Elvish Yadav describe himself and his team?
A: He portrayed them as polite, positive, and silent individuals, choosing not to engage in spreading negativity online.

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