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elvish yadav not making videos on srk songs

Elvish Yadav Revealed About Shahrukh Khan Songs And Not Making Videos On His Music

In a recent revelation that left fans intrigued, the renowned YouTuber and daily vlogger, Elvish Yadav, spilled the beans on why he steers clear of creating videos on Shahrukh Khan songs. The revelation came during his latest vlog, where he candidly shared his perspective on song selection.

Elvish Yadav, known for his humorous take on various topics, disclosed, “I don’t consider who the artist is; it’s just a stroke of luck. Last time, I made a video on Salman Khan’s song. According to me, my fans didn’t mind the selection process at all.”

His statement sheds light on the randomness that guides his choices, emphasizing that the artist’s identity plays a negligible role in the selection of songs for his creative endeavors. Elvish Yadav seems to believe that his fans are more concerned with the entertainment value of the videos rather than the specific artist featured in the songs.

This revelation adds an intriguing layer to Elvish Yadav’s content creation process, showcasing the unpredictable and spontaneous nature of his creative decisions. As his audience continues to grow, it appears that his unique approach to selecting content resonates well with fans, making every video a delightful surprise.


Q: Why doesn’t Elvish Yadav make videos on Shahrukh Khan’s songs?
A: According to Elvish, the selection of songs is based on luck, and he doesn’t consider who the artist is.

Q: What was his latest video about?
A: Elvish Yadav’s latest video addressed his approach to selecting songs for his content, emphasizing the role of luck in the process.

Q: How do his fans feel about his song selection method?
A: Elvish Yadav believes that his fans have no issue with his song selection method, as evident from their positive response to his video on Salman Khan’s song.

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