Youtuber Won Case Against Cadbury ! Foodpharmer vs Bournvita Case Result !

Foodpharmer Bournvita Video Case Latest Update

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Recently, something big happened in the world of chocolatey drinks and a YouTuber named “Foodpharmer.” Imagine sipping on your favorite Cadbury Bournvita while watching Foodpharmer’s videos when suddenly, he dropped a bombshell. Foodpharmer claimed that Cadbury Bournvita had too much sugar and wasn’t good for kids’ health.

Guess what? Cadbury didn’t take this lightly. They sent a legal notice to Foodpharmer, like a teacher catching you passing notes in class. But here’s the cool part – Foodpharmer didn’t back down! He stood his ground, and the case went to court.

And guess who won? Yes, you got it right – Foodpharmer! The court said, “Hey Cadbury, you need to do something about that sugar in Bournvita.” So, Cadbury got a notice from the court, like a note from the principal, telling them to make a change.

And they did! Cadbury listened, and they launched a new Bournvita with 15 grams less sugar than before. It’s like a healthier version now! So, thanks to Food pharmer, we might be sipping on a better and less sugary Bournvita soon.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why did Foodpharmer claim Cadbury Bournvita had too much sugar?
Food pharmer thought Bournvita had too much sugar, which might not be good for kids’ health. He wanted everyone to know about it.

2. What did Cadbury do when Food pharmer made this claim?
Cadbury didn’t just sit back. They sent a legal notice to Foodpharmer, saying, “Hey, that’s not cool.” It was like a friendly fight between them.

3. Who won the case between Foodpharmer and Cadbury?
He came out on top! The court said Cadbury needed to change something about the sugar in Bournvita.

4. What did the court tell Cadbury to do?
The court, like a teacher giving homework, told Cadbury to make Bournvita with less sugar. And guess what? Cadbury did it!

5. How much less sugar is there in the new Bournvita?
The new Bournvita has 15 grams less sugar than before. So, it’s like a healthier and happier drink for all of us!

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