Fukra Insaan Is Harassed By Haters On Twitter, Attempting Legal Action Soon!

Fukra Insaan reaction on hatters

Fukra Insaan Shared The Behaviour Of His Haters In His New Vido, Full Drama Explained

In a recent video uploaded on his YouTube channel, the renowned content creator, Fukra Insaan, addressed the ongoing criticism and negativity surrounding him. In a candid moment, he expressed his frustration with the current online environment, stating, “I don’t want to say anything about this shit environment. Whenever I take a breath, they make me in trouble, and it feels like, again today, anyone will get offended.”

Fukra Insaan, known for his entertaining and relatable content, seemed visibly upset about the constant controversies that surround him. He questioned his haters, challenging them with a touch of sarcasm, “Tell me haters, which controversy are you planning to create on Twitter today? God swear, if I don’t release a song, I will never create an account on Twitter. But it happened, and unfortunately, I am on Twitter now.”

Reflecting on the past, when the online atmosphere was more positive, he expressed disappointment at the current surge of negativity. Fukra Insaan shared his dilemma when it comes to blocking people on social media platforms, stating, “If someone blocks me, I also do the same. But people say you’ve done wrong by blocking. I just ask them a simple question: Why can’t I block someone?”

Closing on a positive note, he reminded his audience to enjoy life with a spirit of positivity and encouraged everyone to spread good vibes. Fukra Insaan emphasized the importance of embracing a constructive mindset, saying, “Life is one; enjoy it with positiveness and say good things to everyone.”


  1. Why did Fukra Insaan address the negativity in his recent video?
    Fukra Insaan expressed his frustration with the current online environment and the constant controversies that surround him.
  2. What challenge did he throw at his haters regarding Twitter?
    He sarcastically asked his haters which controversy they planned to create on Twitter that day.
  3. What was his stance on blocking people on social media?
    Fukra Insaan shared his dilemma about blocking people, stating that if someone blocks him, he does the same, but some criticize this action.
  4. How did he conclude the video on a positive note?
    Fukra Insaan encouraged his audience to enjoy life with positivity, urging everyone to spread good vibes and say positive things to others.

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