Fukra Insaan Paid 50 Lakh To Bebika Dhurve For His Show? Bebika Denied The Offer!

Bebika Dhurve Editor Exposed Bebika

Fukra Insaan Said The Hard Truth Against Bebika Dhruv For Fake Trolling, Read The Full Story.

In a recent turn of events, the YouTube world witnessed sparks flying as the renowned content creator, Fukra Insaan, delivered a blunt and unapologetic response to Bebika Dhuve. In his latest video, he didn’t hold back, expressing his frustration with Bebika’s constant focus on him and his associate, Manisha Rani.

Fukra Insaan, also known as Abhishek, took a direct jab at Bebika, questioning her credibility by reminding her of her role as the villain in the Big Boss house. He argued, “Whenever I check her news, she always raises a topic of Fukra Insaan and Manisha Rani, talking about our fans being toxic. What did you do in the Big Boss house with us? On that basis, what do you expect from us?”

Adding fuel to the fire, Fukra Insaan shared a screenshot of a message allegedly from Bebika, where she claimed to have turned down a show offer from his team. In response, he dismissed the claim, stating, “See, me and my team never approached Bebika for any show. If someone offers me 50 lakh INR upfront to work with her, then maybe I’ll think about it. But let’s be real, I’d have to drop acid in my eyes just to see her. Come on, guys, have some common sense.”

This public spat has left fans on both sides eagerly awaiting the next move in this YouTube drama. Stay tuned for more updates as this feud continues to unfold.


Q1: What prompted Fukra Insaan to respond to Bebika Dhuve?
A: Fukra Insaan was triggered by Bebika’s constant focus on him and Manisha Rani in her content, where she also labeled their fans as toxic. He retaliated in his latest video, addressing her actions and questioning her behavior in the Big Boss house.

Q2: Did Fukra Insaan deny approaching Bebika for a show?
A: Yes, Fukra Insaan vehemently denied approaching Bebika for any show. He shared a screenshot of a message from Bebika claiming to have turned down a show offer, dismissing it as untrue.

Q3: What did Fukra Insaan say about the possibility of working with Bebika?
A: Fukra Insaan expressed a willingness to consider a collaboration if someone were to offer him a substantial amount, but he made it clear that he would find it challenging to work with Bebika and even humorously mentioned having to “drop acid in his eyes” to see her.

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