27 Year Old Love Kataria Disrespect Manisha Rani? Twitter Space Controversy !

Love kataria vs Manisha Rani controversy Twitter Space

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  • Love Kataria faced backlash for joining a Twitter space.
  • People in the space urged him to unfollow Manisha Rani.
  • Manisha Rani’s fans directed hate towards Love Kataria.
  • Love clarified he didn’t say anything negative despite being part of the space.

Hey everyone! Today, let’s talk about Love Kataria and a bit of Twitter drama. Now, you might know Love as a cool guy who does fun stuff online, but recently, he found himself in a bit of a pickle.

So, Love joined this thing on Twitter called a ‘space.’ It’s like a big chat where people can talk about stuff. Seems harmless, right? Well, not this time. In this space, people were saying Love and his buddy Elvish Yadav should stop following someone named Manisha Rani.

Now, Manisha Rani has some super dedicated fans, and when they heard Love was in on this space, things got messy. They started sending him lots of hate messages. Not cool, right?

But here’s the twist. Love came out and said, “Hold on, folks! Yes, I was in that space, but I didn’t say a word against Manisha Rani.” Imagine that!

Now, let’s dive into some FAQs to clear up the details:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why did Love Kataria receive hate?
A: Love got hate because he joined a Twitter space where people were suggesting he and Elvish Yadav unfollow Manisha Rani.

Q: Who was the target in the Twitter space?
A: People in the space wanted Love Kataria and Elvish Yadav to unfollow Manisha Rani.

Q: Why did Manisha Rani’s fans give hate to Love Kataria?
A: Manisha Rani’s fans thought Love was part of something against her, so they directed their frustration towards him.

Q: What did Love Kataria say about the situation?
A: Love clarified that, even though he was in the Twitter space, he didn’t say anything negative about Manisha Rani.

Q: How did Love Kataria handle the hate?
A: Love addressed the hate by setting the record straight, making it clear he didn’t participate in any negativity towards Manisha Rani.

And there you have it, a little slice of social media drama made easy for you!

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