[Latest]🚨Fukra Insaan not Following Bigboss 17 ! Irritated by Media !

Fukra Insaan Reaction on Bigboss Award Show

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Hey there, awesome readers! Guess what? Our favorite Fukra Insaan recently went to this cool award function, and things got a bit, well, crazy!

So, picture this: Fukra Insaan is all suited up, feeling like a superstar at the award function. But guess what the media folks wanted to know? Not about the award or his awesome content, but they kept bombarding him with questions about Bigg Boss Season 17.

Now, here’s the scoop. Fukra Insaan hasn’t been keeping up with the latest Bigg Boss drama. Nope, not his cup of chai. But the media, oh boy, they were persistent. Asking him for spicy details, wanting him to spill the beans on some controversial stuff happening in the Bigg Boss house.

Fukra Insaan, being the chill dude he is, got a bit irritated. He straight up told them, “Hey, I’m not watching Bigg Boss 17, how can I say something about it?” Makes sense, right?

And you know what he called out? He said the media just wants some spicy stuff for TRP, those fancy TV rating points. Imagine that! Our man Fukra Insaan, keeping it real and not falling for the drama trap.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why was Fukra Insaan at the award function?
  • Fukra Insaan was at the award function to celebrate his achievements and probably get some shiny trophies!
  1. What were the media repeatedly asking him about?
  • The media was obsessed with Bigg Boss Season 17 and kept asking Fukra Insaan about it.
  1. Why did Abhishek get irritated?
  • He got irritated because the media wanted him to spill some controversial beans about Bigg Boss, and he wasn’t even watching it!
  1. Why isn’t Abhsihek Malhan watching Bigg Boss 17?
  • Bigg Boss isn’t his thing, you know? He’s got other awesome stuff to do!
  1. What did Abhishek say about the media wanting controversy for TRP?
  • He called it like he saw it! Abhishek said the media just wants some spicy stuff to boost their TRP, and he wasn’t falling for it.

So, that’s the scoop on Fukra Insaan’s adventure at the award function. Stay tuned for more fun and chill updates from your favorite content creator!

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