12th Fail Carryminati Hater Got Bold Reply From Fukra Insaan, Controversy Went Viral!

fukra insaan reply to carryminati haters on saying him 12th fail

Fukra Insaan Savage Reply To Carryminati Haters, For Saying Him 12th Fail Fans Shared This Matter On Soical Media

In the latest video shared by the renowned YouTuber Fukra Insaan, also known as Abhishek Malhan, an interesting conversation unfolded between him and a random boy. The video features the boy expressing his thoughts after watching the movie “12th Fail,” which Fukra Insaan had previously praised. However, there’s a twist in the tale as the boy reveals a clip of another famous YouTuber, CarryMinati, who is also a 12th-grade student.

In response to this revelation, Fukra Insaan had a candid take on education and success. He asserted, “Study is not a report card of your hard work or success.” He went on to challenge the conventional notion of success by pointing out the importance of considering other factors. “Firstly, go and checkout the bank balance of CarryMinati, then talk about him,”

Fukra Insaan emphasized the diversity of interests among individuals and hinted at the evolving landscape of career choices. “Everyone has different interests in life, and in the upcoming future, there are more streams that will emerge. These may not be interesting to our generation, but the upcoming generation will embrace them,” he remarked. In his concluding statement, he kept it simple, saying, “That’s it, my friend.”


Q: What was the subject of Fukra Insaan’s latest video?
A: The video revolved around a conversation between Fukra Insaan and a random boy discussing the movie “12th Fail.”

Q: What twist was revealed in the video?
A: The boy showcased a clip of CarryMinati, another famous YouTuber who is also a 12th fail student.

Q: What was Fukra Insaan’s perspective on education and success?
A: Fukra Insaan challenged the conventional notion of success, stating that study is not a true indicator of one’s hard work or success.

Q: What message did Abhishek Malhan convey about career choices?
A: He highlighted the diversity of interests among individuals and hinted at the emergence of new career streams in the future.

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