Korean Vlogger Kelly Got Harassed In India, People Trying To Help!

korean vlogger Kelly got harrased in india

Korean Vlogger Kelly Gets Uncomfortable By Some People In India, Make Her Afraid In India.

In the vibrant landscape of India, where colors, culture, and curiosity collide, Korean vlogger ‘KELLY’ embarked on a journey to explore the diverse beauty of the country. However, her adventure took an unexpected turn when she encountered a distressing situation that left her feeling unsafe.

As ‘KELLY’ delved into the heart of India, capturing moments of enchanting markets and historical wonders, she unfortunately became the target of unwarranted attention. Some locals, in their misguided enthusiasm, subjected her to unwanted hugs, creating an uncomfortable and alarming experience for the vlogger.

Realizing the potential danger, She swiftly made the decision to distance herself from the situation. In her latest vlog, she candidly addressed the incident, shedding light on the challenges that solo travelers, especially women, may face on their explorations.

In her heartfelt explanation, She emphasized the importance of respecting personal boundaries and how such incidents can mar an otherwise enriching travel experience. She urged her viewers to be mindful of cultural differences and to foster an environment of mutual respect.


Q: Did She report the incident to local authorities?
A: She did not report the incident to local authorities but chose to share her experience through her vlog to raise awareness and encourage dialogue.

Q: Is ‘KELLY’ continuing her journey in India?
A: Despite the unsettling encounter, ‘KELLY’ has decided to continue her journey in India, expressing hope for more positive and respectful interactions in the future.

Q: What advice did ‘KELLY’ give to fellow travelers?
A: ‘KELLY’ advised fellow travelers to be aware of their surroundings, trust their instincts, and engage in open communication with locals to ensure a safer and more enjoyable travel experience.