Mridul Madhok Tips Are Dangerous For the Body? Lakshay Chaudhary Made A Video

lakshay chaudhary made a video against mridul madhok

Lakshay Chaudhary Made A Video On Mridul Madhok For Submitting a Copyright Strike On YouTube

In the ever-evolving world of YouTube drama, a recent feud has emerged between two popular creators, Lakshay Chaudhary and Mridul Madhok. The spark that ignited this digital clash? A copyright strike that Mridul submitted against Lakshay and his circle of friends. In the true spirit of retaliation, Lakshay took to his channel, delivering a scathing roast against Mridul.

In his latest video, Lakshay didn’t hold back, humorously dissecting Mridul’s content and personal choices. With a playful tone, Lakshay quipped, “All dermatologists talk about the complete body, but this man always focuses on the neck. Wondering why? Maybe because he loves to take things deep.” The jest continued as Lakshay poked fun at Mridul’s journey from spreading misinformation to now endorsing cosmetic products.

Amidst the banter, Lakshay predicted a future where Mridul might even sell his YouTube channel. “The specific day will come soon when he’ll be offering his channel for sale, right alongside those skincare products,” Lakshay teased.

The roast didn’t stop there, as Lakshay playfully commented on Mridul’s penchant for discussing facial and neck features. “I guess his smartphone doesn’t have a front camera with all that focus on other people’s faces,” Lakshay chuckled. He even brought humor into the topic of color, suggesting that Mridul, despite tensions surrounding the color black, seemingly earns support from people of that very color.

What started as a response to a copyright strike has now escalated into a series of more than 200 videos aimed at Mridul. The YouTube community watches eagerly as this digital drama unfolds, with viewers taking sides in the battle of wit and words.

As the online clash gains momentum, only time will tell how Mridul Madhok responds to Lakshay Chaudhary’s humorous jabs. Stay tuned for more updates in this unfolding YouTube saga.


Q1: What prompted Mridul Madhok to submit a copyright strike against Lakshay Chaudhary?
A1: The feud started with a copyright strike that Mridul submitted against Lakshay and his friends, sparking a retaliatory response from Lakshay.

Q2: How did Lakshay Chaudhary retaliate in his video against Mridul Madhok?
A2: Lakshay responded with a humorous roast, poking fun at Mridul’s content, personal choices, and even predicting a future where Mridul might sell his YouTube channel.

Q3: How many videos has Lakshay Chaudhary published against Mridul Madhok?
A3: More than 200 videos have been published by Lakshay as part of his ongoing retaliation against Mridul.