[Live] Desh ka Dhoni got 8.9 Imdb rating! Fans Crazy Reaction

desh ka dhoni

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In the world of Indian YouTube, content creators are constantly pushing the boundaries to bring unique and engaging content to their viewers. One such remarkable series that has gained immense popularity is “Desh ka Dhoni.” Created by the renowned YouTuber, Flying Beast, this series is a heartfelt tribute to the legendary cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating journey of Flying Beast as he embarks on a cycling expedition from Delhi to Chennai to pay homage to the cricketing icon. Let’s pedal our way through this incredible adventure.

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[Live] Desh ka Dhoni got 8.9 Imdb rating! Fans Crazy Reaction 6

The Genesis of “Desh ka Dhoni”

A Dream Takes Flight

Flying Beast, whose real name is Gaurav Taneja, is no stranger to adventures. With a passion for fitness and a love for exploring new horizons, he decided to embark on an extraordinary journey that would blend his two passions—cycling and storytelling.

Honoring a Cricketing Legend

Gaurav Taneja’s admiration for Mahendra Singh Dhoni is evident to anyone who follows his YouTube channel. The idea of “Desh ka Dhoni” was born out of sheer admiration and respect for the former Indian cricket team captain.

Delhi to Chennai: The Chosen Route

The ambitious plan was set in motion—a cycling expedition from the heart of India, Delhi, to the southern gem, Chennai. This journey would cover thousands of kilometers, taking Gaurav through diverse landscapes and cultures.

The Epic Journey Unfolds

Episode 1 – The Beginning

The series kicked off with Episode 1, where Gaurav Taneja and his team set out from Delhi with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. The journey had officially begun, and viewers were eager to join them on this epic adventure.

Episode 2 – The Trials and Triumphs

As the cyclists pedaled their way through the heartland of India, Episode 2 captured the essence of the challenges they faced and the camaraderie that developed among the team members. It was not just a physical journey but a test of determination and spirit.

Recognition and Popularity

“Desh ka Dhoni” on IMDb

The series garnered immense attention and acclaim, even finding its place on IMDb, a platform predominantly reserved for movies and television shows. This recognition showcased the impact of Gaurav Taneja’s unique tribute to MS Dhoni.

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[Live] Desh ka Dhoni got 8.9 Imdb rating! Fans Crazy Reaction 7

Viewer Support and IMDb Rating

With each episode, “Desh ka Dhoni” captured the hearts of viewers across the globe. The series amassed an impressive 1720 votes on IMDb, with an outstanding rating of 8.9. Such appreciation from the audience is a testament to its quality and appeal.


“Desh ka Dhoni” is not just a YouTube series; it’s a labor of love, a tribute that resonates with cricket enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Gaurav Taneja’s journey from Delhi to Chennai on a bicycle is a remarkable feat, and his storytelling prowess adds depth to this epic adventure. As we await more episodes, one thing is certain—this tribute series will continue to inspire and entertain.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is “Desh ka Dhoni” available for free on YouTube?

Yes, the entire series is freely available for viewers on Flying Beast’s YouTube channel.

2. How many episodes of “Desh ka Dhoni” have been released so far?

As of now, two episodes of the series have been released.

3. What is the IMDb rating of “Desh ka Dhoni”?

The series has an impressive IMDb rating of 8.9.

4. Can I join Gaurav Taneja on his cycling expedition?

While you can’t join the journey physically, you can follow along and experience it vicariously through the YouTube series.

5. Where can I access the “Desh ka Dhoni” series?

You can access the series on Flying Beast’s YouTube channel. For more updates, visit here

Embark on this incredible journey with Flying Beast as he pedals through the heart of India to pay homage to the one and only MS Dhoni. Witness the challenges, triumphs, and the spirit of adventure that define “Desh ka Dhoni.”

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