Love Kataria’s Bold Reaction To Big Boss On Tehelka Prank Eviction

love kataria reaction on tehelka prank eviction from big boss

Love Kataria’s Bold Reaction To Tehelka Prank Eviction, A Huge Mistake By Big Boss

In a surprising turn of events, the renowned YouTuber and daily vlogger, Love Kataria, has weighed in on the recent eviction of Tehelka Prank from the Big Boss reality show. In his latest vlog, Love expressed his support for Tehelka and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding the prankster’s exit from the Big Boss house.

“I am with Tehelka Prank, and I wondered why Big Boss is targeting our YouTube community,” Love shared in his candid vlog. The popular content creator went on to express his confusion regarding the eviction, stating, “I literally have not seen why Tehelka was evicted from Big Boss and why the altercation took place.”

Love Kataria, known for his entertaining and engaging content, refrained from passing judgment on the incident. “So, I can’t comment,” he admitted, highlighting the lack of clarity on the situation. However, Love speculated that if a confrontation did occur, there must have been some provocation involved.

The Big Boss show has been a source of entertainment and controversy, with social media influencers often finding themselves in the midst of dramatic events. Love Kataria’s take on the Tehelka Prank eviction adds another layer to the ongoing discussions within the YouTube community.

As fans eagerly await more insights into the unfolding drama, one can’t help but wonder how this incident will impact the dynamics of content creation within the realm of reality television.


Q1: Why did Love Kataria express support for Tehelka Prank?

A1: Love Kataria shared his support for Tehelka Prank in his latest vlog, questioning the reasons behind the YouTuber’s eviction from Big Boss.

Q2: What was Love Kataria’s stance on the Big Boss targeting the YouTube community?

A2: Love Kataria expressed confusion and concern about why Big Boss seemed to be targeting the YouTube community in his vlog.

Q3: Did Love Kataria provide any insights into the altercation that led to Tehelka Prank’s eviction?

A3: Love Kataria refrained from commenting on the specifics of the altercation but suggested that if a fight occurred, there might have been provocation involved.

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