Mr. Faisu Roasted UK07 Rider For Going In Big Boss, Fans Giving Hate To Faisu

Mr. Faisu reaction on uk07 rider

Mr. Faisu Gave His Reaction On UK07 Rider, Taken Him In Big Trouble, Know About The Full Drama.

In the buzzing realm of reality television, the latest chatter revolves around none other than the eminent content creator, Mr. Faisu. His thoughts on the Big Boss contestant, UK07 Rider, have sparked a whirlwind of curiosity among fans and enthusiasts alike.

In a recent statement, Mr. Faisu shared his insights on the dynamics within the Big Boss house. “If someone is stepping into the Big Boss arena, mark my words,” he exclaimed, “just try to forge bonds with everyone. Because if all contestants turn against you, navigating the game becomes an uphill task.” Faisu expressed his satisfaction with Munawar Faruqui adopting this approach, adding a layer of strategic gameplay to the mix.

The discussion then veered towards the influential host of the show, Salman Khan. Mr. Faisu humorously remarked, “If Salman bhai claims that the moon will rise from the opposite direction, it’s practically a decree that it will indeed rise from the opposite direction.” However, the focus shifted to UK07 Rider, also known as Anurag Dobal.

Intriguingly, Faisu confessed, “I’m puzzled by Anurag’s gameplay. I can’t decipher if he’s strategically playing the game or if the other contestants are orchestrating a symphony around him.” With a subtle tone, he concluded, “Whatever the case may be, Anurag is in the Big Boss arena, and that’s what matters. Let the game unfold.”


Q: What advice did Faisu give to potential Big Boss contestants?
A: Faisu advised contestants to build alliances with everyone to navigate the challenges of the game.

Q: How did Mr. Faisu feel about Munawar Faruqui’s approach in the Big Boss house?
A: Mr. Faisu expressed satisfaction with Munawar Faruqui adopting a strategic approach in the game.

Q: What humorous comment did Mr. Faisu make about Salman Khan?
A: Mr. Faisu humorously remarked that if Salman Khan claims something, it’s practically a decree.

Q: What was Mr. Faisu’s reaction to UK07 Rider’s gameplay?
A: Mr. Faisu admitted being puzzled by Anurag Dobal’s gameplay, questioning whether he is strategically playing or being played by others.

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