6 Lakh Per Month,NeuzBoy Journey to Viral Fame Tubetalks #1

Neuz Boy

NeuzBoy’s Journey to Viral Fame: Cracking the YouTube Code . Welcome to the First Episode of our series TubeTalks ,where you will get a Youtuber Success Story every week. So Let’s Dive into Milon Sharma aka Neuzboy Journey…

In the vast realm of YouTube, where creators strive to make a mark, there exists a remarkable story of persistence and determination. Milon Sharma, popularly known as Neuz Boy, hails from the serene district of Udaigiri in Assam, India. His journey from a curious 9th grader to a YouTube sensation earning over 6 lakh INR per month is nothing short of inspirational. Join us as we unravel the remarkable tale of Neuz Boy’s rise to fame.

6 Lakh Per Month,NeuzBoy Journey to Viral Fame Tubetalks #1 7

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Early Beginnings and the Jio Revolution

Milon’s journey began during the era of the Jio revolution when Reliance launched the game-changing Jio Sim, providing free internet to users. Like many, Milon turned to YouTube for entertainment. Little did he know that this introduction to the platform would set the stage for his future endeavors.

The Neon Man Inspiration

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6 Lakh Per Month,NeuzBoy Journey to Viral Fame Tubetalks #1 8

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As he progressed to the 11th grade, Milon stumbled upon a YouTube channel named “Neon Man.” This channel delivered news related to YouTube creators and their content. The daily dose of Neon Man’s videos ignited a spark in Milon’s mind. He realized that he, too, could contribute to the YouTube community by creating a news channel. However, he faced the challenge of not knowing where to start.

A Stroke of Viral Luck

One fateful day, during an India vs. Australia cricket match, Milon noticed a gap in YouTube’s content – there were no highlights of the game. Seizing the opportunity, he uploaded an old India vs. New Zealand video with a deceptive title, “India vs. Australia Match Highlight.” This clever move earned him a staggering 1 million views and 5000 subscribers in just one day. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, he couldn’t monetize this sudden success.

The Rollercoaster of Content Creation

Milon’s journey was far from straightforward. He experimented with comedy sketches and parody videos but struggled to gain traction. The attention he garnered when filming outside often led to embarrassment, causing him to abandon this path. Undeterred, he created a channel for technical tutorials, but it failed to take off.

The Birth of Neuz Boy

Milon’s determination eventually led him to create “Neuz Boy,” a channel where he would deliver news related to YouTube creators. Initially, his videos received an average of 30-40 views, but his 70th video went viral, amassing 1 lakh views and 500 subscribers. This milestone motivated him, and soon, his channel became eligible for monetization.

The Leap to Neuzboy Stardom

6 Lakh Per Month,NeuzBoy Journey to Viral Fame Tubetalks #1 9

Image Credit: neuzboy

The turning point came when Milon covered the “TikTok vs. YouTube” controversy, propelling him from 80k to 350k subscribers in just one month. To keep his viewers informed, he sacrificed sleep, often staying awake through the night.

Overcoming Challenges

Milon’s journey wasn’t without hurdles. He faced a life-threatening accident when his bike was hit by a truck, resulting in severe injuries. Fortunately, he recovered and continued his YouTube endeavors. Poor internet connectivity in his area required him to travel far from home to upload videos.

From Trolls to Triumph

Milon’s initial days on YouTube were met with skepticism from relatives and neighbors, but as he gained popularity, those who once doubted him now invited him to their celebrations. Today, he earns over 6 lakh INR per month from his YouTube channel, a testament to his unwavering determination and the boundless possibilities that the digital world offers.


The journey of Neuz Boy, from a curious teenager with a Jio Sim to a YouTube star, exemplifies the power of persistence, creativity, and adaptability in the digital age. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring creators, reminding them that with dedication and a relentless pursuit of passion, even the most extraordinary dreams can become a reality.


How did Milon monetize his YouTube channel after the viral video?

Milon’s channel became eligible for monetization when he reached 1000 subscribers and met the watch hour requirements.

How long did it take for Milon to recover from his bike accident?

Milon was unable to upload videos for 17 days due to his injuries, but he made a full recovery.

What was Milon’s first income from YouTube?

His initial earnings from YouTube were around 14000 INR.

How did Milon handle poor internet connectivity in his area?

Milon had to travel to areas with better internet connectivity to upload his videos.

What’s the key lesson from Neuz Boy’s journey?

Neuz Boy’s journey teaches us that persistence, adaptability, and dedication can lead to remarkable success in the digital world.

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