Rajat Dalal And Singha 1v1 Fight, Contract Signed For No Responsibility Of Death!

rajat dalal and singh fight

Rajat Dalal And Singha 1v1 Fight Contract Sent To Singh For Sign, Family Got Depressed!

In a surprising turn of events, the renowned YouTuber and fitness enthusiast, Rajat Dalal, found himself embroiled in a controversy with Singh, taking an unexpected twist. The duo shared a stamped agreement outlining the terms and conditions for a “BARE KNUCKLE CAGE FIGHT,” dated February 6, 2024.

The agreement, inked between Rajat Dalal, carried the essence of a challenge. Despite the heated nature of their 1v1 exchange, Singh conveyed that Rajat had diligently sent all the necessary documents to their training ground. The agreement was to be signed live during a stream, allowing viewers to witness the commitment firsthand.

Screenshot 2024 02 07 141137 Rajat Dalal And Singha 1v1 Fight, Contract Signed For No Responsibility Of Death!
Rajat Dalal And Singha 1v1 Fight, Contract Signed For No Responsibility Of Death! 8

Singh emphasized that the decision to sign or not rested entirely with each individual, urging them to make choices aligning with their principles. The looming deadline of February 6, 2024, added an element of urgency to the decision-making process.

As the details of the agreement emerged, some clauses raised eyebrows:

  • No Weapons (Clause 21): Both parties agreed to a fight without the use of any weapons.
  • Medical Screening (Clause 22): A comprehensive medical screening before the fight was mandatory to ensure the physical well-being of both participants.
  • No Responsibility for Injuries or Death (Clause 23): The parties acknowledged the inherent risks, absolving each other of responsibility for any harm or even death resulting from the fight.

The contract concluded with a determination of the winner based on the participant successfully walking out of the cage unassisted.

In anticipation of the upcoming live stream, Rajat Dalal teased his audience, promising an event worth their while. However, his subsequent statement raised concerns as he mentioned that Singh’s family would receive a substantial amount for the pay-per-view, insinuating that Singh would not live to enjoy the proceeds.

Yet, when the much-anticipated live stream unfolded at 4 pm, Singh surprised everyone by offering a sincere apology, diffusing the tension and bringing the matter to a peaceful resolution. The unexpected twist in this controversy left fans relieved and showcased that, despite the intensity, disputes could find resolution through open communication.


Q: Did Rajat Dalal and Singh eventually sign the agreement?
A: The live stream scheduled for 6th February revealed that Singh apologized, suggesting a resolution without the need for signatures on the contentious agreement.

Q: What were the dangerous points in the contract?
A: The clauses included a prohibition on weapons, mandatory medical screening, and an acknowledgment of personal responsibility for injuries or death during the fight.

Q: Did Singh’s family receive the pay-per-view proceeds?
A: The controversy took an unexpected turn when Singh apologized during the live stream, making Rajat’s earlier statement about the pay-per-view proceeds moot.

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