Ramayan Is Fake Dhruv Rathee Video Went Viral, Religious Scholar Angry On That Video Latest Updates.

Dhruv Rathee Ramayan Fake Video

Ramayan Is Real Or Fake, Dhruv Rathee Video Went Viral Peoples Gone Crazy Abusing Him.

Hey, folks! Grab your popcorn because our favorite troublemaker, Dhruv Rathee, is back in the spotlight, and this time it’s all about the epic Ramayan.

So, here’s the deal: some clever minds out there took a snippet of Dhruv’s video where he’s casually chatting about the Ramayan. They’ve gone ahead and sliced it up to make it seem like Dhruv’s out there shouting from the rooftops that the Ramayan is as real as a unicorn in downtown New York.

But hold on a second! Dhruv, being the smooth talker he is, clarified that the clip was from a broader discussion about deductive reasoning and atheism. He’s basically saying, “Hey, I never dropped the bomb that Ramayan is a work of fiction. Chill out!”

Now, before you grab your pitchforks and join the mob, Dhruv wants you to know that he’s not out here dissing anyone’s faith. He’s just pointing out the age-old philosophical question: are all those stories in the Ramayan as legit as your grandma’s secret samosa recipe? The dude’s just keeping it real and making us ponder life’s deep mysteries.

So, here we are, caught in the crossfire of controversy, with Dhruv Rathee playing the role of our mischievous tour guide through the maze of religious debates.

And now, for the FAQs:

Q: Did Dhruv Rathee really say the Ramayan is fake? A: Nope! He was talking about deductive reasoning and atheism, not dissing the epic.

Q: Is Dhruv questioning the authenticity of the Ramayan? A: Nah, he’s just stirring the pot of philosophical pondering. He didn’t declare it a bedtime story.

Q: Is Dhruv Rathee trying to start a religious war? A: Doubt it. He’s more of a provocateur than a warlord. Just sit back and enjoy the drama, folks!

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