“Animal Movie is Cancer ” Saiman Says Statement will Blow Your Mind !

Saiman Says vs Pj explained Animal Movie Controversy ! #dhruv_Rathee

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Hey there, awesome readers! Big scoop for you today – the YouTube world is buzzing with drama! So, Saiman Says decided to roast a movie called “Animal.” Why? Because he thinks some other YouTubers are going all thumbs up for it.

In Saiman’s video, he drops a clip of PJ Explained, the movie review guy, totally gushing about “Animal.” Like, he’s all hearts for it! Now, hold onto your popcorn, because PJ Explained himself sees that clip and goes, “Ohhh, cool, okay. Now I can watch Saiman Says!” Talk about a plot twist!

PJ Explained isn’t holding back, and he indirectly roasts Saiman Says right back. It’s like a YouTube roast showdown, and we’re here for it!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why did Saiman Says roast the movie “Animal”?
  • Saiman wasn’t vibing with the fact that some YouTubers were giving major love to “Animal,” so he decided to roast it.
  1. Who did Saiman feature in his video praising “Animal”?
  • Saiman included a clip of PJ Explained, a movie review YouTuber, who was showering the movie with praise.
  1. What was PJ Explained’s reaction to being in Saiman’s video?
  • PJ Explained saw himself in Saiman’s video and casually dropped, “Ohhh, cool, okay. Now I can watch Saiman Says!”
  1. How did PJ Explained respond to Saiman’s roast?
  • PJ Explained didn’t take it lying down! He indirectly roasted Saiman right back, turning it into a YouTube roast fest.
  1. Is this the start of a YouTube drama series?
  • Who knows? The YouTube drama rollercoaster is always full of surprises!

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