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Ashish Chanchlani
Ashish chanchalani
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Ashish Chanchlani’s Instagram mistake hurt his fans very badly

In the age of social media, celebrities often find themselves under the magnifying glass of public scrutiny. One such incident that recently stirred up a controversy involved famous YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani. It all started when he shared a heartwarming story on his Instagram about witnessing a person helping others at a busy junction. Little did he know that his choice of words would lead to an unexpected backlash.

The Story that Sparked Controversy

Ashish Chanchlani, known for his humorous and relatable content on YouTube, found himself in hot water after sharing an Instagram story. In the midst of heavy traffic at a junction, he typed out a message that read, “Normal civilians who help are king.” This seemingly innocuous post took a turn when he received a barrage of DMs from people who were offended by his choice of words.

The Controversial Phrase

The heart of the controversy lies in the phrase “normal civilians who help are king.” Some followers took issue with the term “king” being used to describe regular people who lend a helping hand. They argued that it was inappropriate for a celebrity like Ashish to refer to others as “kings.” The crux of their objection was the perceived arrogance and condescension in his words.

Ashish Chanchlani’s Response

In response to the backlash, Ashish Chanchlani posted another story where he clarified his intentions. He said, “Normal people that are not the traffic havaldar are kings.” He attempted to explain that he was referring to those who weren’t traffic police officers but still helped during traffic jams. His message was meant to appreciate the kindness of ordinary individuals, not to demean them.

The Dilemma of Celebrity

This incident raises a broader question about how celebrities interact with their audience. Ashish Chanchlani, like many influencers, enjoys a substantial following on social media. Over the years, he has built a close-knit community of loyal fans. However, this incident highlighted the delicate balance celebrities must maintain between being relatable and avoiding unintentional offense.

The Perception of Celebrity

The controversy also reveals the intricate web of perceptions surrounding celebrities. Some argue that once you attain a certain level of fame, you should be cautious about how you address the general public. They believe that referring to ordinary individuals as “kings” can be seen as an act of arrogance, as it implies that celebrities consider themselves superior.

Celebrity’s Apology

Ashish Chanchlani realized the gravity of the situation and issued an apology to those who felt offended. He stated, “I am really sorry, and I have deleted the story. My mother swears I have not. That means those people who have followed me for a long time, whom I have met personally, who have met with me offline or I regularly make online conversation with, know me really well. I am not placing myself above average people; being a celebrity is far away from me.”


The Ashish Chanchlani Instagram controversy serves as a reminder of the nuances of social media communication, especially for celebrities. While the intention behind his message was to praise the kindness of everyday people, the choice of words inadvertently offended some of his followers. It highlights the importance of celebrities being mindful of their words and actions, as they can have a significant impact on their audience’s perception.


  1. Was Ashish Chanchlani’s apology sincere?
    • Ashish Chanchlani expressed genuine remorse for any offense caused by his words. His apology appeared sincere.
  2. Do celebrities have a responsibility to be more careful with their words on social media?
    • Yes, celebrities have a responsibility to be mindful of their words, as they have a large and influential audience.
  3. Was the backlash against Ashish Chanchlani justified?
    • The backlash was a result of differing interpretations of his message. Some found it offensive, while others did not.
  4. Can celebrities be relatable to their fans while maintaining their status?
    • Yes, celebrities can strike a balance between relatability and maintaining their status by being genuine and respectful in their interactions.
  5. How can celebrities avoid controversies on social media?
    • Celebrities can avoid controversies by carefully considering their words, being transparent, and addressing misunderstandings promptly.

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