Shocking! Elvish, Fukra Reaction Start From Negative PR Controversy

FH8f0BMgttY HD Shocking! Elvish, Fukra Reaction Start From Negative PR Controversy

Elvish Yadav’s Recent Social Media Activity: A Closer Look

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Shocking! Elvish, Fukra Reaction Start From Negative PR Controversy 7

In the fast-paced world of social media, every move made by a popular figure is closely observed and often dissected by their followers. Elvish Yadav, a well-known content creator, recently found himself in the midst of some online drama when he interacted with content related to his fellow YouTuber, Fukra Insaan. In this article, we will delve into Elvish Yadav’s recent social media activity, the controversy it sparked, and the ensuing reactions.

The Initial Interactions

The controversy began when Elvish Yadav liked a comment that criticized Fukra Insaan’s fans for spamming his comment section. The comment suggested that these fans were merely fulfilling their duties, which led to a heated online exchange. Elvish didn’t stop there; he also liked a tweet that depicted both Elvish and Fukra Insaan inside the Big Boss house, discussing the manager responsible for handling their video content. The tweet was captioned “FUKRA EXPOSED.”

Elvish’s Prior Knowledge

It’s important to note that Elvish Yadav seemed to be aware of Fukra Insaan’s PR team even before their stint on Big Boss. He chose to remain silent until the situation reached a tipping point. A video surfaced as evidence of some sort, further intensifying the ongoing drama.

The Viral Screen Shot

Adding fuel to the fire, a screenshot went viral, allegedly showing an account responsible for managing Fukra Insaan’s PR. This screenshot also mentioned Jasus King and Kal Ka Londa. The revelation of these names raised eyebrows and generated more questions than answers.

Fukra Insaan’s Response.

IMAGE CREDIT – fukra_insaan

In response to the escalating controversy, Fukra Insaan shared a reel on his social media, where he provocatively displayed both middle fingers and captioned it with “WAIT FOR THE END AND SEND THIS TO YOUR HATERS.” This reel prompted numerous comments, and Fukra actively replied to many of them. One comment suggested removing negativity from Twitter, to which Fukra responded, “Padhe likhe log kabhi negative nahi hote meri jaan.” Kal Ka Londa also commented, saying “Rise above hate,” to which Fukra retorted, “Rise above illiteracy.” Another comment inquired about how to apply for PR work, and Fukra amusingly replied, “Main bhi dhund raha hoon, suna hai 25 lakh milte hain.”


Bebika’s Involvement

The drama didn’t spare Bebika either, as a comment suggested making her disappear with just a snap of the fingers. In response, Fukra Insaan humorously said, “Vo kaun?”

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IMAGE CREDIT – bebika.dhurve

The Uncertain Future

As of now, it remains uncertain whether this online drama will continue to escalate or eventually subside. Social media controversies have a way of taking unexpected turns, and only time will reveal the full extent of the fallout from these interactions.


The world of social media is a whirlwind of drama, and even popular figures like Elvish Yadav and Fukra Insaan are not immune to it. While these interactions may seem trivial to some, they often have a significant impact on the fanbase and the personalities involved. Only time will tell if this online feud will continue to escalate or fizzle out.


  1. What prompted Elvish Yadav’s interactions with Fukra Insaan’s content?
    • Elvish Yadav liked a comment that criticized Fukra Insaan’s fans for spamming his comment section, which sparked the controversy.
  2. Was Elvish Yadav aware of Fukra Insaan’s PR team beforehand?
    • Yes, it appears that Elvish Yadav had prior knowledge of Fukra Insaan’s PR team before the controversy unfolded.
  3. How did Fukra Insaan respond to the online drama?
    • Fukra Insaan shared a provocative reel and actively engaged with comments, responding to various queries and comments.
  4. Who else was mentioned in the viral screenshot related to Fukra Insaan’s PR team?
    • The screenshot mentioned Jasus King and Kal Ka Londa alongside Fukra Insaan.
  5. Did Bebika get involved in the controversy?
    • Yes, Bebika was also part of the controversy when a comment suggested making her disappear, to which Fukra Insaan humorously responded.

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