Shocking! Elvish Yadav Replied Arnab Gosawami. Media Got Money For Negative Trolling? Latest Updates

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Elvish Yadav said ‘ Arnab Goswami is a liar, just shooting guns in Air.

The Snake Venom And Rave Party Controversy: Elvish Yadav Strikes Back!

Hey there, folks! It’s your friendly neighborhood blogger, and I’ve got some juicy gossip for you. You must’ve heard about the recent uproar surrounding Elvish Yadav and the alleged snake venom and rave party controversy. But what really got our attention was the one and only, the shouting sensation himself, Arnab Goswami, who decided to jump into the mix.

So, Arnab, in one of his signature fiery rants, claimed that Elvish Yadav was also shaking a leg at the rave party. Well, you know what they say about pots and kettles, right? But Elvish was having none of it! He unleashed his inner fury in his latest vlog, and it was a sight to see.

Elvish started off with a sarcastic tone, saying, “Thanks to all the people who’ve had my back in my bad times, except Arnab Goswami and the Indian Media.” Ouch! Elvish certainly didn’t mince his words. He expressed his disappointment in Arnab, whom he initially thought was a good guy.

But Elvish wasn’t done yet. He pointed out, “Arnab, have you not done your homework? Have you not seen the FIR? Or do you just say things without any strong proof?” It seems like Elvish wanted to set the record straight and make it crystal clear that he wasn’t anywhere near that party.

So there you have it, folks, a whirlwind of drama in the world of YouTubers and news anchors. The Snake Venom And Rave Party Controversy is far from over, and we’ll be eagerly watching how this unfolds. Stay tuned for more updates on this wild ride!


Q1: What is the Snake Venom And Rave Party Controversy all about? A1: The controversy revolves around allegations that Elvish Yadav was present at a rave party where snake venom was allegedly consumed.

Q2: Why did Arnab Goswami get involved in this controversy? A2: Arnab Goswami made claims that Elvish Yadav was also at the rave party, which led to a heated response from Elvish in his vlog.

Q3: What did Elvish Yadav say in his latest vlog? A3: In his vlog, Elvish expressed his disappointment in Arnab Goswami, questioned if Arnab had done his homework, and highlighted the lack of strong proof to support the claims against him.

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