Shocking! Himachal Pradesh Police Is Corrupt, Gaurav Zone’s Bold Statment

gaurav zone and himachal pradesh police controversy

Famous YouTuber Gaurav Zone Said Himachal Pradesh Police Is Biased With Local Read The Full Story

In a recent turn of events, popular YouTuber and daily vlogger, Gaurav Zone, has shed light on what he perceives as corruption within the police system of Himachal Pradesh. In his latest vlog, Gaurav Zone expressed his concerns about the alleged bias that the Himachal Pradesh police exhibit towards locals in the region.

According to Gaurav Zone, the police in Himachal Pradesh tend to favor locals in the case of accidents or road rage involving individuals from other states. He claims that the police often turn a blind eye to the mistakes of locals while unfairly blaming and penalizing those from different states.

Sharing a personal incident, Gaurav Zone narrated an encounter he had in Himachal Pradesh. He explained, “Recently, I was in Himachal Pradesh, and the driver ahead of me was on a call, driving at an incredibly slow pace. Frustrated, I used my horn a few times. To my surprise, the police arrived promptly, checked our car number plates – mine from Uttar Pradesh and the local driver’s from Himachal Pradesh.”

Gaurav alleges that the police, upon discovering the out-of-state license plate, immediately held him responsible for the situation. “They claimed I was at fault for every mistake,” he stated in his vlog. Determined to address the unfair treatment, Gaurav Zone reached out to his contacts within the police force, resulting in the dismissal of the case against him.

However, the ordeal did not end there for Gaurav Zone. He revealed, “Despite having the case dismissed, they still imposed a fine of Rs 16,000 on me for no apparent reason.” This incident has prompted Gaurav to raise awareness about what he perceives as a systemic issue within the Himachal Pradesh police force.

As Gaurav Zone continues to share his experiences and opinions through his vlogs, it remains to be seen how this revelation will impact public perception and if any corrective actions will be taken in response to his claims.

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