Shocking! Triggered Insaan And Ashish Chanchlani’s Podcast Standout On 1st At Spotify

triggered insaan and ashish chanchlani podcast on 1st position on spotify

Triggered Insaan And Ashish Chanchlani’s Podcast Standout At 1st Position On Spotify 2023 Know About This

In the realm of digital content creation, the recent surge in the popularity of podcasts has been nothing short of extraordinary. Over the past few months, a notable trend has emerged on YouTube, with two prominent YouTubers, Triggered and Ashish Chanchlani, delving into the podcast scene. What’s more, their collaborative effort not only conquered the YouTube space but also clinched the coveted top position on Spotify in India.

However, they weren’t the sole contenders for this podcast triumph. Indian cricket sensation Virat Kohli also threw his hat into the ring, creating a podcast that secured a commendable second position on Spotify. The convergence of entertainment and sports icons on the podcasting stage marked a significant achievement for all involved.

Taking to social media to celebrate this milestone, Triggered Insaan, one half of the dynamic podcasting duo, shared the news on his Instagram channel. Accompanying the announcement was a caption that read, “No.1 Standout episode of 2023 on Spotify.” Clearly elated by the unexpected success, Ashish Chanchlani expressed his joy with a heartfelt reaction, stating, “This is amazing Triggered Insaan, unexpected; we topped the list.”

The enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding Triggered Insaan’s podcast don’t end there. With the conclusion of Season 1 leaving fans clamoring for more, Triggered Insaan responded to the demand on a positive note. In a social media post, he addressed the eager audience, saying, “For everyone who is asking for Season 2 of true stories, bro, Spotify walo ko boldo Season 2 laaye.” The prospect of a second season has only added fuel to the already fervent fanbase, eagerly awaiting the continuation of the intriguing true stories presented in the podcast.

As podcasts continue to weave their narrative magic across various platforms, the success of these YouTubers and the iconic cricketer on Spotify signifies a new era in digital content consumption. It remains to be seen how this podcasting phenomenon will evolve, but for now, the collaboration between Triggered, Ashish Chanchlani, and Virat Kohli stands as a testament to the power of engaging storytelling in the digital age.

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