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In the ever-evolving world of technology, smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. With numerous options available, people often seek out the latest models, hoping for enhanced features and seamless user experiences. Sourav Joshi, a popular vlogger, found himself amidst a frustrating situation when his iPhone 15 Pro repeatedly corrupted his vlogs. This unfortunate experience led him to reconsider his choice and eventually advocate against using the iPhone 15 Pro. In this article, we will delve into Sourav Joshi’s predicament, exploring the issues he faced and his decision to switch to an Android phone.

The Appeal of iPhone 15 Pro

Sourav Joshi, like many others, was drawn to the iPhone 15 Pro due to its sleek design, powerful camera capabilities, and promise of high-quality video recording. Apple’s reputation for delivering top-notch devices further fueled his excitement as he eagerly incorporated the iPhone 15 Pro into his vlogging toolkit.

Repeated Video Corruption: A Frustrating Ordeal

However, Sourav Joshi’s enthusiasm soon turned into disappointment as he encountered persistent issues with his vlogs. Despite the iPhone 15 Pro’s touted features, the videos he recorded ended up corrupted, causing a substantial setback to his content creation process. This unexpected hurdle perplexed Sourav and left him searching for a solution.

Seeking Alternatives: The Android Advantage

Faced with the recurring problem, Sourav Joshi decided it was time to explore alternative options. After thorough research and consideration, he made the bold decision to switch to an Android phone. Android devices, known for their versatility and wide range of choices, offered Sourav the opportunity to find a smartphone that suited his vlogging needs seamlessly.

Sourav Joshi’s Advice: A Warning to Others

Not one to keep his experiences to himself, Sourav Joshi took to his social media platforms to share his ordeal with the iPhone 15 Pro. He advised his followers and fellow content creators to steer clear of the device, emphasizing the importance of a reliable smartphone for vlogging endeavors. Sourav’s candid approach resonated with many, prompting them to rethink their own choices when it came to smartphone purchases.


Sourav Joshi’s journey with the iPhone 15 Pro serves as a cautionary tale in the world of vlogging. Despite the device’s appealing features, its recurrent issues led him to explore other options. His decision to switch to an Android phone highlights the importance of reliability and functionality, especially for content creators who rely heavily on their smartphones. As technology continues to advance, users must remain vigilant and discerning in their choices, ensuring that the devices they invest in align with their needs and expectations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why did Sourav Joshi choose an iPhone 15 Pro initially?

Sourav Joshi was initially attracted to the iPhone 15 Pro due to its sleek design and powerful camera capabilities, which are essential for vlogging.

2. What issues did Sourav Joshi face with the iPhone 15 Pro?

Sourav Joshi encountered repeated video corruption issues while using the iPhone 15 Pro for vlogging, disrupting his content creation process.

3. Why did Sourav Joshi switch to an Android phone?

Sourav Joshi opted for an Android phone due to the platform’s versatility and a wide range of smartphone choices, providing him with a reliable alternative for his vlogging needs.

4. How did Sourav Joshi’s experience influence his followers?

Sourav Joshi’s candid sharing of his iPhone 15 Pro ordeal prompted his followers and fellow content creators to reconsider their smartphone choices, emphasizing the importance of reliability in their devices.

5. What is Sourav Joshi’s advice to others considering the iPhone 15 Pro?

Sourav Joshi advises others to avoid the iPhone 15 Pro for vlogging purposes, emphasizing the need for a dependable smartphone to avoid setbacks in content creation.

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