Sourav Joshi Got the Top Digital Star Award 2024 In the World, Forbes In the Top 100 List

Sourav Joshi got award for digital star 2023 by forbes

Sourav Joshi Got An Award From Forbes Magzine And Ranked #6 For Digital Star Contest

In a delightful turn of events, Sourav Joshi, the charismatic digital content creator, has clinched a coveted spot on Forbes’ list of Top Digital Stars for the year 2023. The announcement was made by Sourav himself in his latest vlog, where he humbly revealed his ranking as the 6th most influential digital star out of a remarkable lineup of 100.

The proud moment unfolded in the cozy presence of Sourav’s grandparents, adding an extra layer of warmth to the celebration. Surrounded by his family, the joy and pride were palpable as Sourav shared the exciting news and the details provided by Forbes in their exclusive magazine feature.

Forbes, in its insightful profile, shared fascinating nuggets about Sourav Joshi. At the young age of 24, Sourav has carved a niche for himself in the digital realm, with an impressive average view count of 25,26,597. The details provided in the magazine shed light on the unique qualities that have set Sourav apart in the digital landscape.

As the news of Sourav’s recognition by Forbes continues to ripple through the online community, it is evident that this accolade marks a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. The blend of creativity, relatability, and genuine connection that Sourav brings to his content has undoubtedly resonated with audiences, earning him a well-deserved spot among the top digital stars of 2023.


Q: How did Sourav Joshi react to receiving the Forbes award?
A: Sourav shared his joy and gratitude in a vlog, expressing his excitement and thanking his family for their support.

Q: What is Sourav’s ranking on the Forbes list?
A: Sourav Joshi secured the 6th position out of 100 on Forbes’ Top Digital Stars list for 2023.

Q: What details did Forbes reveal about Sourav’s digital presence?
A: Forbes provided insights into Sourav’s age (24) and highlighted his remarkable average view count of 25,26,597, offering a glimpse into his digital influence.

Q: How did Sourav’s family react to the news?
A: Sourav’s family, especially his grandparents, expressed immense pride and joy as they celebrated this achievement together.

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