Sourav Joshi Toilet Incident cost 15000 Shocking Update !

Sourav Joshi

Sourav Joshi‘s Hilarious Caravan Mishap: A Costly Toilet Break

In the world of entertainment, sometimes, the most unexpected incidents lead to the funniest and most memorable stories. One such incident revolves around Sourav Joshi, a popular YouTuber known for his quirky adventures, and his friend Bobby Bhaiya. This incident involves a caravan, a bathroom emergency, and a hefty bill of 15000 INR. Let’s dive into the hilarious mishap that left everyone laughing. Sourav And His Friend Bobby Bhaiya Is on a Long Trip of London. They are enjoying it very much but sometime things happen that are not in his favour . So What’s really happen? To Know the complete Story read article below.

Sourav Joshi Caravan Adventure

Sourav Joshi, the Indian YouTube sensation known for his entertaining vlogs and travel adventures, embarked on a memorable road trip with his friends. To make their journey more comfortable, they rented a caravan, which is essentially a home on wheels. Little did they know that this caravan would become the stage for an unforgettable incident.

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The Bathroom Emergency

As the group was enjoying their road trip, nature called with urgency. Bobby Bhaiya, one of Sourav’s close friends, suddenly found himself in a tricky situation. With no restroom nearby, he had no choice but to use the caravan’s bathroom. It was a classic case of a bathroom emergency, and Bobby couldn’t hold it any longer.

The Unexpected Bill

After Bobby’s quick restroom break, the group continued their journey, not realizing that a funny twist awaited them. When they returned the caravan, they were met with an unexpected demand – a bill of 15000 INR! The reason? The caravan rental company insisted on a thorough cleaning of the bathroom. It turned out that using the restroom came at a steep price.

The Broken Sideview Mirror

Adding to the hilarity of the situation, the caravan had a broken sideview mirror due to an accident during the trip. Fortunately, the caravan was insured, so they didn’t have to worry about the mirror’s cost. However, the laughter ensued when they realized that they had to pay for using the bathroom instead.


Sourav Joshi and Bobby Bhaiya’s caravan adventure is a perfect example of how unexpected incidents can turn into hilarious stories. What started as a simple restroom break turned into a memorable and costly experience. It’s a tale they’ll likely share for years to come, reminding us all that laughter is the best way to deal with life’s surprises. Tell Your Views In Comment Section and also tell which is your Favourite youtuber. You can also write that on which topic do you want us to publish an article.


  • Did Sourav Joshi and Bobby Bhaiya actually pay 15000 INR for using the caravan’s bathroom?
  • Yes, that’s correct! The caravan rental company charged them for bathroom usage.
  • Was the broken sideview mirror covered by insurance?
  • Thankfully, the caravan’s insurance covered the cost of the broken mirror.
  • How did Sourav Joshi and his friends react to the unexpected bill?
  • They took it in stride and found humor in the situation, turning it into a funny story.
  • Did Bobby Bhaiya regret using the caravan’s bathroom?
  • While it resulted in a bill, Bobby couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation.
  • Are there any other amusing incidents from Sourav Joshi’s road trip adventures?
  • Sourav Joshi’s vlogs are full of entertaining and unexpected moments, making every trip a memorable one.

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