Stop Trolling UK07 Rider, Elvish Yadav’s Bold Statement To Big Boss

elvish yadav onuk07 rider fake trolling reaction

Fake Trolling Of UK07 aka Anurag Dobal Is Not A Good, Elvish Yadav Bold Statments To Fans And Big Boss.

In the whirlwind of social media, it seems like the latest target for online trolling is none other than the UK07 rider. Elvish Yadav, known for his candid remarks, took a moment to express his thoughts on the matter, questioning the seemingly baseless criticism directed at the rider.

“Why people are replacing him with the term ‘joker’ regardless of whether he did well or not? People just fix a narrative that we have to label him as a joker,” Yadav commented, shaking his head at the seemingly unfounded criticism. He urged people to step into the rider’s shoes, emphasizing that understanding his perspective could change the way they perceive the situation.

“I am just saying that this is not right,” Yadav continued, his tone sincere. “But, hey, it all depends on you. If you want to make a joke, then go ahead. It’s your call.” Yadav emphasized the importance of personal choice in how one engages with such situations.

Looking ahead, Yadav raised a valid concern about the potential impact of this trolling on the rider’s life outside the digital realm. “When he comes out of Big Boss, what will he think about these fake trolls and negative publications? It just becomes a heavy burden in his personal life,” Yadav pondered, highlighting the potential consequences of online actions on real-world well-being.

In the end, Yadav left it to his audience, urging them to consider the human behind the online persona. The question remains: Will this trolling trend continue, or will people choose a more understanding and empathetic approach?


Q: Why is Elvish Yadav speaking out on the UK07 rider’s trolling? A: Elvish Yadav shared his thoughts, expressing concern about the baseless criticism and the impact it could have on the rider’s life.

Q: What does Elvish Yadav say about labeling the UK07 rider as a ‘joker’? A: Yadav questions why people are quick to label the rider as a ‘joker’ without considering his performance, emphasizing the need to understand the situation from the rider’s perspective.

Q: What is Elvish Yadav’s stance on making jokes about the situation? A: Yadav acknowledges that it’s an individual choice to make jokes but encourages people to consider the potential consequences of their actions, especially on the rider’s personal life post-Big Boss.

Q: What does Elvish Yadav fear for the UK07 rider after leaving Big Boss? A: Yadav expresses concern about the emotional burden the trolling might place on the rider’s personal life once he exits the Big Boss house.

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