Tanay Instagram Account Suspended, Getting Death Threat From Jaipur!

Tanay Getting Death Threat and account deleted

Tanay Is In Danger, Receiving Death Threat From A Teenager Boy Of Jaipur, Read The Full Case

Famous YouTuber Tanay Faces Social Media Storm: Instagram Account Suspended!

In a shocking turn of events, the renowned YouTuber Tanay found himself in the eye of a social media storm as his Instagram account was abruptly suspended. However, rather than keeping mum about the situation, Tanay took to his Telegram channel to share a startling update with his followers.

In a text message, Tanay revealed, “Ek Banda h Jaipur manipal ka 19-20 saal ka. Uski Side se Mera Instagram aur WhatsApp galat tarike se ban hua hai. Jo ki Dono Illegal Activities hai. Isliye apko Instagram bhi dikh nhi rha hoga. Itna hi nahi usne Death threat bhi Diya hai.”

The gravity of the situation escalated as Tanay hinted at both his Instagram and WhatsApp accounts being banned due to illicit activities. He went on to express concern that followers might not be able to view his Instagram due to these bans. What’s more, he dropped a bombshell by stating that he had received a death threat.

Not one to back down, Tanay announced his plan of action, stating, “Jaldi hi Call Recording aur chats ke sath…. City ke CM and Police ko Tag krke ek Tweet krunga. Usse Retweet Jarur Krna for Quick Arrest. Internal process me time lagta h thoda. Retweet Krna aur CM Office Jo mention hoga usko bhi tag Krna.”

In a bold move, Tanay declared his intention to expose the issue by tweeting to the Chief Minister and Police with call recordings and chat evidence for a swift resolution. He appealed to his followers to retweet the post for a faster response, acknowledging the inevitable delays in the internal process.

Tanay concluded with a mysterious teaser, “Bohot din se Shant hu iss matter pr kuch nhi bol rha tha abhi naam ek ke baad ek reveal krta hu sabke!!”


Q1: Why was Tanay’s Instagram account suspended?

A: Tanay hinted at his Instagram and WhatsApp bans, attributing them to unspecified illegal activities.

Q2: What action is He planning to take?

A: He plans to tweet with call recordings and chat evidence, tagging the City’s Chief Minister and Police for a quick resolution.

Q3: Why did He delay speaking about the matter?

A: He cryptically mentioned keeping quiet for a while but promised to reveal details gradually.

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