Tech Burner Warned The Retailers And Manufacturers Printing Fake Overlays Products!

Tech Burner Issues Warning Against Fake 'OVERLAYS' Products

Tech Burner Issues Warning Against Fake ‘OVERLAYS’ Products

In a recent revelation, the renowned tech guru and founder of ‘OVERLAYS,’ Tech Burner, took to his YouTube channel to address a growing concern within his community. The tech-savvy entrepreneur, who is known for his insightful tech reviews and business ventures, shared a piece of advice that goes beyond the realm of gadgets.

Tech Burner, whose real name is Shlok Srivastava, runs a successful clothing company called ‘OVERLAYS.’ While his primary focus has been on delivering quality products, he recently encountered a troubling issue. Many of his loyal fans and customers reached out to him, sharing pictures of counterfeit products and fake websites exploiting the brand’s name.

Expressing his concern in a candid video, Tech Burner said, “Me and my team noticed that many local shops and fake websites are selling products by stamping my company name ‘OVERLAYS.’ This is not just disheartening but also misleading for our customers.”

In response to this, he issued a stern warning, “We will take strict action against those involved in such fraudulent activities. Counterfeit products not only tarnish our brand’s reputation but also deceive our valued customers.”

Despite the challenges, Tech Burner expressed gratitude towards his fans for their unwavering support during this difficult time. He acknowledged the community’s effort in bringing these issues to his attention and emphasized the importance of staying vigilant against such scams.

As ‘OVERLAYS’ strives to maintain its commitment to quality and authenticity, Tech Burner urged his followers to be cautious and only purchase products through official channels.


Q1: How can I ensure I am buying genuine ‘OVERLAYS’ products? A: Purchase directly from the official ‘OVERLAYS’ website or authorized retailers to guarantee authenticity.

Q2: What actions will Tech Burner and his team take against counterfeit sellers? A: Strict legal actions will be taken against individuals and entities involved in selling counterfeit ‘OVERLAYS’ products.

Q3: How can I report suspicious websites or shops selling fake ‘OVERLAYS’ products? A: Reach out to the official ‘OVERLAYS’ customer support with any information about potential counterfeit sellers for prompt investigation.

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