Tehelka Prank Is Evicted From Big Boss, Charged A Physical Fight Case? Latest Update!

Tehelka prank sunny evicted from big boss

Tehelka Prank Is Evicted From Big Boss, Due To His Aggression And Involvement In Physical Fights.

In an unexpected turn of events, the renowned YouTube sensation Tehelka Prank, widely known as Sunny, has made a dramatic entry into the Big Boss Season. However, recent reports have surfaced suggesting that Sunny’s journey in the Big Boss house has come to an abrupt end due to his involvement in a physical altercation.

Big Boss, known for its high-octane drama and unpredictable twists, issued a stern warning to Sunny after the initial incident. Despite the warning, it appears that Sunny found himself in yet another scuffle, leading to his eviction from the reality show. Sources claim that Sunny was given a final chance to rectify his behavior, but alas, he failed to comply.

Reacting to the news, Sunny’s wife has come forward to share her perspective on the controversy. She expressed disbelief at the reports, stating, “I have just seen all the news updates, claiming Sunny’s eviction from the Big Boss house. According to me, he hasn’t engaged in any physical fight. He didn’t attempt to press anyone’s neck; he merely grabbed the collar in his hand. If someone provokes you, and you react, it’s not an unusual thing. My husband, Sunny, is very aggressive when it comes to defending those he cares about.”

The unfolding drama has left fans and followers of Tehelka Prank curious and intrigued. As the controversy continues to gain momentum, only time will tell how Sunny’s eviction will impact the dynamics of the Big Boss Season.


Q: Is Tehelka Prank really evicted from Big Boss?

A: Yes, recent reports confirm Tehelka Prank, aka Sunny, has been evicted from the Big Boss house.

Q: What led to his eviction?

A: Sunny’s eviction is attributed to his involvement in a physical altercation despite a prior warning from Big Boss.

Q: What does Sunny’s wife have to say about the incident?

A: Sunny’s wife has contested the claims, asserting that her husband did not engage in a physical fight but reacted defensively.

Q: Will Sunny’s eviction impact the dynamics of Big Boss Season?

A: The repercussions of Sunny’s eviction on the dynamics of the show remain uncertain, and fans eagerly await further developments.

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