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thara bhai joginder and puneet superstar warning to youtubers

Thara Bhai Joginder And Puneet Superstar Gave Last Warning To Roasting YouTuber For Spreading Hate

In the realm of YouTube, where drama often takes center stage, two prominent figures, Thara Bhai Joginder and Puneet Superstar, have found themselves at the heart of a heated controversy. The dynamic duo, known for their philanthropic efforts to uplift the underprivileged, recently issued a stern warning to fellow YouTubers who have taken to roasting them for their altruistic endeavors.

Puneet Superstar and Thara Bhai Joginder have been making waves by extending their support to the less fortunate, not only through financial aid but also by providing mental and social assistance. However, their noble actions have come under scrutiny, with accusations that the duo is capitalizing on people’s sympathy for views.

Addressing these allegations head-on, Puneet and Joginder released a video response, urging their critics to think twice before creating roast videos. “Listen, all you YouTubers who are roasting us, beware and be careful before making any video against us,” warned Joginder. “Don’t assume you know more than us. If we can help others, why can’t you? To those who refrain from naming us but still garner views, remember, you may claim the rights of anyone, but you can’t seize the rights of the poor individuals whom Thara Bhai Joginder and Puneet Superstar tirelessly support every minute of the day.”


  1. Q: Why are Thara Bhai Joginder and Puneet Superstar being roasted by other YouTubers?
    A: Allegations have surfaced claiming that the duo is exploiting sympathy for views, prompting a backlash from fellow creators.
  2. Q: What is Thara Bhai Joginder and Puneet Superstar’s response to the roasting?
    A: They issued a video response warning other YouTubers to be cautious and emphasized their commitment to helping the less fortunate.
  3. Q: Which popular creators have spoken against Thara Bhai Joginder and Puneet Superstar?
    A: CarryMinati and Harsh Beniwal, among others, have expressed their criticism, but the duo remains unshaken in their philanthropic endeavors.

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