Thugesh And Elvish Yadav’s Reaction On Sandeep Maheshwari And Vivek Bindra Controversy!

Thugesh And Elvish yadav reaction on sandeep maheshwari and vivek bindra controversy

Thugesh And Elvish Yadav Gave Their Bold Reaction On Sandeep Maheshwari And Vivek Bindra Controversy

In the buzzing realm of YouTube, a new controversy has taken center stage, capturing the attention of both content creators and their fervent audiences. The spotlight now shines on the clash between two prominent figures in the self-help and motivational sphere, Sandeep Maheshwari and Dr. Vivek Bindra. Notably, popular YouTubers like Elvish Yadav and Thugesh have stepped into the ring, offering their candid reactions to the unfolding drama.

Thugesh, known for his humorous take on current affairs, shared his perspective on the controversy. In a recent statement, he remarked, “The public is just having a good time with this controversy, and so am I. Fans are pushing me to create a roast video, but I believe this isn’t the right subject for a roast. Sandeep Maheshwari’s impactful video against Vivek Bindra has left me eagerly awaiting Bindra’s retaliation.”

Adding another layer to the narrative, Elvish Yadav, in his latest vlog, reflected on the ongoing feud. “Have you all seen Sandeep Maheshwari’s latest video against Dr. Vivek Bindra? I caught it in the morning. Let me share my experience from attending their seminar. These individuals have a profound influence, and attendees leave feeling motivated. I’ve already tackled the MLM scam in my videos. It’s commendable that many big YouTubers are now taking a stand against this scam. My plea to all of you is simple – don’t get entangled in this deceitful web.”

As the controversy unfolds, the YouTube community finds itself divided over allegiances and opinions. The drama has not only sparked discussions but has also prompted content creators to use their platforms to address issues beyond entertainment. In a world where influence is powerful, these YouTubers are reminding their audiences to be vigilant against scams and fraudulent schemes.


Q: What is the controversy between Sandeep Maheshwari and Dr. Vivek Bindra about?
A: The specifics of the controversy are not detailed in this article. It is recommended to check reliable sources for a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing dispute.

Q: Will Thugesh create a roast video on this controversy?
A: Thugesh expressed his belief that this controversy is not suitable for a roast video, despite fan requests. The future direction of his content remains uncertain.

Q: What is Elvish Yadav’s stance on the MLM scam mentioned in the article?
A: Elvish Yadav has been an advocate against MLM scams and encourages his audience to steer clear of such fraudulent practices. He emphasizes the importance of being cautious and not falling prey to scams.

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