Total Gaming Will Soon Dub For A Film And Animation, Next Project Worth Millions?

Total gaming dub for a movie

Total Gaming Will Dub For A Movie And Animation, That Project Will Revealed By Him In A Vlog

Title: Total Gaming, aka Ajju Bhai, Unveils Exciting Plans for Upcoming Movie Project

In a recent revelation that has left fans buzzing with anticipation, the renowned YouTuber and gamer, Total Gaming, also known as Ajju Bhai, spilled the beans on his latest venture – a foray into the world of dubbing and animation for an upcoming movie.

Ajju Bhai took to his social media platforms to share the exciting news, stating, “I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be lending my voice to a movie and diving into the realm of animation. What’s more, I’ll be adding a twist – you won’t be able to recognize my voice because I’m planning to change it for this special project.”

Fans of Total Gaming have long admired his charismatic and engaging style in the gaming world, making this leap into the world of cinema a highly anticipated move. The revelation has sparked a wave of speculation and curiosity among his followers, eager to discover the details of the mysterious movie project.

As the news continues to circulate across social media platforms, fans are left speculating about the genre and storyline of the upcoming movie. Will it be an action-packed adventure, a heartwarming animated tale, or perhaps a thrilling mystery? Only time will unveil the answers to these burning questions.

Total Gaming enthusiasts can rest assured that this exciting venture is set to bring a fresh and unexpected dimension to Ajju Bhai’s multifaceted career. Stay tuned for more updates on this eagerly awaited cinematic endeavor.


Q1: When did Total Gaming announce his upcoming movie project?
A1: Total Gaming, aka Ajju Bhai, recently shared this exciting update on his social media platforms.

Q2: What is the unique aspect of Total Gaming’s involvement in the movie?
A2: Ajju Bhai revealed that he will be changing his voice for the movie, adding an intriguing twist for his fans.

Q3: Are there any hints about the genre of the upcoming movie?
A3: As of now, details about the genre and storyline remain undisclosed, leaving fans to speculate and anticipate the surprises in store.

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