[Latest] 🚨Triggered Insaan got Copyright Strike ? Video Demonetized !

Triggered Insaan Latest Video Copyright Strike

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Hey there, awesome readers! 🌟 Today, we’ve got some scoop on Triggered Insaan, the cool dude who makes us laugh with his videos. Guess what? He recently posted a video with his sister where they reacted to some spooky stories. Sounds fun, right?

But wait, here’s the twist! The video got hit with an age restriction and, oh no, it got demonetized too! 🚫 Now, you might be wondering, why in the world did this happen?

So, Triggered Insaan, being the chill guy he is, made another video talking about it. He was like, “Hey, we didn’t show anything violent or crazy, so why the demonetization, YouTube?” Fair question, right?

Now, let’s dive into the FAQs because we’ve got your curious minds covered:

1. Why did Triggered Insaan’s video get age-restricted?
YouTube thought the video might not be suitable for all ages, so they slapped on an age restriction tag. Bummer, but rules are rules!

2. What does demonetized mean?
It’s like YouTube saying, “No money for you this time!” The video couldn’t make any cash through ads because of some YouTube rules.

3. Did Triggered Insaan break any rules?
Nope, he’s innocent! He didn’t show anything graphic or violent. Sometimes, YouTube’s rulebook can be a bit mysterious.

4. Can Triggered Insaan do anything about it?
He already did! He made another video explaining the situation, showing he’s a cool sport about it all. Keep spreading those good vibes!

5. Will Triggered Insaan’s videos always have age restrictions now?
Not necessarily. It depends on the content. Let’s hope for more funny videos without any YouTube drama!

So, there you have it, our quick take on Triggered Insaan’s recent YouTube adventure. Keep smiling and stay tuned for more laughter-filled videos! 😄🎉

Featured Image Credit : Insaan

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