Triggered Insaan Roasted Indian News Media On Making Fake Hype Of Elvish Yadav Case!

Triggered Insaan roasted indian news media

Triggered Insaan Reacts to Snake Venom Controversy Surrounding Elvish Yadav

Famous Indian YouTuber Triggered Insaan, also known as Nischay Malhan, recently shared his thoughts on the past controversy involving Elvish Yadav and the alleged snake venom case. The incident gained widespread attention from the Indian media, with Elvish Yadav being covered extensively.

During this period, Elvish Yadav faced challenges in maintaining his daily vlog uploads due to health issues, which he candidly communicated through his Instagram account. However, instead of sympathizing with his situation, the Indian media chose to sensationalize the absence of daily vlogs, creating unnecessary hype on various news channels.

The frustration among content creators like Triggered Insaan is palpable, as they witness the national media prioritizing trivial matters over more significant news. Insaan’s reaction highlights the absurdity of the situation, where health-related issues are overshadowed by sensationalism, raising questions about the priorities of the Indian media.


Q: Why was Elvish Yadav in the news?
A: Elvish Yadav became the center of attention due to a controversy surrounding a snake venom case, which triggered media coverage.

Q: Why couldn’t Elvish upload his daily vlogs?
A: Elvish Yadav faced health issues during the controversy, leading to difficulties in maintaining his regular vlog uploads.

Q: What was Triggered Insaan’s reaction?
A: Triggered Insaan expressed frustration at the Indian media for sensationalizing trivial matters instead of focusing on more important news.

Q: How did Elvish Yadav address his health issues?
A: Elvish Yadav shared information about his health struggles through his Instagram account, keeping his audience informed about the situation.

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