2 Crore💲per Month ! Uk07 Rider Earning Revealed ! Full Biography ! Tubetalks #9

Uk07 Rider Story , earning , girlfriend , net worth , age , memes

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Once upon a time in the beautiful city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, a boy named Anurag Dobal came into this world on the 18th of September. His dad, Jagdamba Prasad Dobal, was a math teacher, and he had a little brother named Atul. Anurag’s family wasn’t super rich, and his dad’s salary was just 1200 INR per month, but they were happy.

When Anurag was only 4 years old, he got something called a “brain tumor.” It’s like a little bump in your head that makes you feel unwell. Anurag’s dad being a teacher didn’t mean he was a wizard, but people thought he must be good at fixing things. Anurag was good at studies, though. He got a whopping 95% marks in his Class 12 exams!

Now, this brain tumor thing needed a lot of medicine, and Anurag’s family didn’t have a ton of money. So, his mom had to sell her jewelry to make sure Anurag got better. It was tough, but thanks to some magic medicine and a lot of love, Anurag got better by the time he was 14.

Anurag always wanted to be a teacher like his dad. So, he started teaching tuition during his college days. But here’s the twist – he had another dream. He wanted a cool bike called KTM. Now, his family wasn’t rolling in money, so he decided to teach even more students and charge only 300 rupees from each. With that money, he gave his mom and slowly, things got better.

In 2016, he discovered this magical thing called YouTube where you could put videos and earn money. By 2018, he saved up 1 lakh rupees, but the dream of the KTM bike was still a dream because it cost 2 lakh rupees. Then, his amazing mom gave him her savings, and the next day, he rode that dream bike out of the showroom.

He started making videos about his bike adventures, and one of them got super popular! Suddenly, he earned 1000 dollars in one day! That’s a lot of rupees. Anurag realized that YouTube could be a real job.

But in 2020, the nasty COVID came along and messed things up. His tuition and school job stopped, and he got sad. His dad said, “No worries, start making more YouTube videos!” So, he did, and by August 2021, he had a million people who liked watching his adventures.

Then, he met another YouTuber named Savya Rides, and they became friends. But after two years, they broke up because Savya became friends with Anurag’s enemy. It made him really sad, and he even thought about doing something bad. But other YouTubers like Uk07 Rider, Samrat Bhai, and Elvish Yadav helped him. With the love from his audience, he started making videos again, focused more on family stuff, and collaborated with cool YouTubers like Sourav Joshi and Flying Beast.

Uk07 Rider Story , earning , girlfriend , net worth , age , memes
Uk07 Rider Ex-Girlfriend
Uk07 Rider Story , earning , girlfriend , net worth , age , memes
2 Crore💲per Month ! Uk07 Rider Earning Revealed ! Full Biography ! Tubetalks #9 13

Today, Anurag Dobal, aka Uk07 Rider, is the number 1 moto vlogger in India with over 7 million subscribers. He even went on Big Boss 17! Life is an adventure, and Anurag is riding it with style!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why did Anurag Dobal start teaching tuition?
    Anurag Dobal started teaching tuition to fulfill his dream of buying a KTM bike and to help his family in difficult times.
  2. How did Anurag manage to buy his dream bike?
    Anurag’s mom helped him by giving him her savings, allowing him to fulfill his dream of buying the KTM bike.
  3. When did Anurag start his YouTube journey?
    Anurag started his YouTube journey in 2016 when he discovered the platform’s potential for earning money by uploading videos.
  4. What challenges did Anurag face during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Anurag’s offline tuition and school teaching stopped, causing financial challenges. However, he found support and encouragement from his father to focus on YouTube.
  5. How did Anurag overcome the challenges of a breakup and depression?
    Anurag overcame the challenges of a breakup and depression with the help of fellow YouTubers and the immense support of his audience, which gave him the courage to continue making videos and pursuing his passion.

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