UK07 RIDER Exposed Big Boss, Suicide Thoughts Triggered, Re-Entry Not Confirmed!


UK07 Rider Exposed Big Boss For Misbehave With Him, No Connection With Family Member After Exit

In a surprising turn of events, the beloved UK07 rider, renowned YouTuber and a participant in the widely-watched reality show Big Boss, has bid farewell to the show. The internet sensation recently released a heartfelt video chronicling his journey within the Big Boss house and, to everyone’s shock, he didn’t mince words when it came to exposing the alleged mistreatment by the show’s makers.

In an emotional revelation, he shared, “When I got evicted from the show and finally exited, the team took me to a hotel for two days. During that time, they didn’t provide me with my mobile phone, and I had no connection with my family. By the grace of God, I am finally here without any harm to my well-being. Suicidal thoughts crossed my mind during those two days in the hotel, but I resisted taking any extreme steps.”

The YouTuber expressed his bewilderment, questioning why he was subjected to such treatment after leaving the show. “The show has ended for me, but I’m still confused about why they are torturing me now. What was my fault in my life to experience this bad moment? I spent three months in the show, completely cut off from the world, my family, and friends.”

Just as the dust began to settle on this revelation, a new rumor started making waves. Reports surfaced suggesting that the UK07 rider, also known as Anurag Dobal, might make a re-entry into the Big Boss house – not as a contestant but as a guest. The news gained traction, leading the internet sensation to address the speculation through a live session on his Instagram account, where he was joined by none other than the famous actor Krushna Abhishek. However, conflicting reports emerged, suggesting that he might have been at the BigBuzz shot instead.

The rollercoaster of events continues, leaving fans and followers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next twist in this gripping saga.


Q: Is UK07 rider permanently out of Big Boss?
A: As of now, he has exited the show, but rumors hint at a potential guest appearance.

Q: What did he reveal about his post-eviction experience?
A: UK07 rider exposed the lack of communication and isolation he faced during the two days post-eviction, raising concerns about his mental well-being.

Q: Is there a possibility of his re-entry into Big Boss?
A: Speculations are rife about a guest appearance, but the situation remains fluid.

Q: Who was he with in the Instagram live session?
A: UK07 rider went live with the renowned actor Krishna Abhishek, sparking further intrigue among fans.

Q: What is the truth about his presence at BigBuzz shot?
A: Conflicting reports suggest he might have been at the BigBuzz shot, adding more mystery to the unfolding narrative.

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