UK07 Rider Sparks Controversy with “JAI SHREE RAM” Lamborghini Bonnet Wrap

UK07 Rider Sparks Controversy with "JAI SHREE RAM" Lamborghini Bonnet Wrap

UK07 Rider Made A Huge Mistake After Sitting On The Bonnet of His ‘LAMBO’ Car

In the world of moto vlogging and YouTube, UK07 Rider, better known as Anurag Dobal, has recently found himself in the midst of controversy. The source of this uproar? His brand-new Lamborghini adorned with a rather unique bonnet wrap that reads ‘JAI SHREE RAM.’

The flamboyant YouTuber, celebrated for his daring stunts and adrenaline-pumping motorcycle content, decided to take his love for speed to the streets in a whole new way. His choice to wrap the prestigious car’s bonnet with a religious message, ‘JAI SHREE RAM,’ stirred the pot, drawing both praise and criticism from his audience.

In a bold move, UK07 Rider didn’t just stop at the bonnet decoration. He seized the moment to shoot an advertisement, proudly seated on the Lamborghini with the ‘JAI SHREE RAM’ emblazoned across it. The promotional video, though intended to showcase his new luxury ride, triggered a wave of negativity.

Many viewers expressed disappointment, claiming that incorporating religious sentiments into a luxury car promotion was distasteful. Social media platforms flooded with comments, both condemning and defending UK07 Rider’s choice. The debate sparked discussions on cultural sensitivity and the responsibility that comes with being a public figure.

As the controversy continues to unfold, only time will tell whether UK07 Rider’s bold move will impact his online presence positively or if it will leave a lasting scar on his digital reputation.


  1. Why did UK07 Rider choose to wrap ‘JAI SHREE RAM’ on his Lamborghini?
  • UK07 Rider, known for his daring and unconventional approach, wanted to make a statement and express his beliefs in a unique way. The bonnet wrap was his attempt to blend his passion for speed with a cultural touch.
  1. What was the public’s reaction to the bonnet wrap and advertisement shoot?
  • The response was mixed. While some viewers praised UK07 Rider for his creativity and individuality, others criticized him for using religious sentiments in a promotional context, deeming it inappropriate.
  1. How is UK07 Rider addressing the backlash?
  • As of now, UK07 Rider has not released an official statement regarding the controversy. It remains to be seen whether he will address the criticism or let the storm pass with time.

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