UK07 Will Destroy Soon, Love Kataria Reacted On Big Boss Latest Updates

love kataria reacted on fake trolling Uk07 rider

UK07 is going through Negative PR, Big Boss Is Responsible For Defaming Anurag Dobal.

Guess what’s buzzing in the world of YouTube drama? Love Kataria just dropped a truth bomb in his latest vlog, addressing the fake trolling drama surrounding UK07, aka Anurag Dobal. Grab your popcorn because this tea is piping hot!

Love Kataria didn’t hold back, straight-up calling out the negative PR circus surrounding UK07. According to him, it’s all just a bunch of noise with zero substance. In his own words, “All the things going on against UK07 are just a negative PR case, and there is no doubt in this – UK07, aka Anurag, is a simple person.”

And he didn’t stop there. Love Kataria reminded everyone about Anurag’s generosity, pointing out how much he donates. The dude is not just an online sensation; he’s also got a big heart. So, why all the hate?

According to Love, there are two flavors of hate – like, pick your poison. There’s the regular ol’ hate, the kind we’ve all encountered at some point. But then there’s the dark side – the hate fueled by cold, hard cash. Love Kataria believes that some people are literally paying to spread negativity. It’s like a twisted game of destroy-the-reputation, and Anurag Dobal is the unfortunate target.

In a world where drama sells faster than hotcakes, Love Kataria’s vlog is a breath of fresh air. He’s calling out the haters, sticking up for a fellow content creator, and reminding everyone that behind the camera, there’s a real person with feelings.

So, next time you’re about to hit that hate button, maybe think twice. After all, Love Kataria just dropped the mic on why spreading negativity is so last season.


Q: Why did Love Kataria speak up about UK07’s trolling? A: Love Kataria addressed the fake trolling drama to set the record straight and shed light on what he believes is just a negative PR case.

Q: What did Love say about UK07 in his vlog? A: Love Kataria emphasized that Anurag Dobal, aka UK07, is a simple person and highlighted his generosity, questioning why people are giving him hate.

Q: What are the two types of hate Love mentioned? A: Love Kataria mentioned two types of hate – regular hate that we all experience and a more sinister kind fueled by money, aimed at destroying someone’s image and reputation.