[Live] Vivek Bindra Arrested for Domestic Violence? Wife Allegation !

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Recently, there’s been a big fuss about a video with Vivek Bindra. You know, the guy who talks about business stuff? Well, in this video, something really weird happened.

So, Vivek Bindra’s wife was trying to leave their home, but Vivek didn’t want her to go. There was a big argument, and it got really crazy. Later, Vivek’s wife said something really sad. She said Vivek hit her, and now she’s in the hospital.

The whole thing started because Vivek was arguing with his mom. His wife didn’t like it, and she stepped in to say something. That made Vivek super mad, and things got out of control.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What happened in the viral video with Bindra?
In the video, Vivek Bindra’s wife was trying to leave, but there was a big argument, and things got really crazy.

Q2. Why is Vivek Bindra’s wife in the hospital?
Vivek’s wife said that Vivek hit her during the argument, and that’s why she’s in the hospital.

Q3. Why did the argument start in the first place?
The argument started because Vivek was arguing with his mom. His wife didn’t like it and stepped in, which made things worse.

Q4. What does Vivek Bindra usually talk about in his videos?
Vivek Bindra usually talks about business stuff in his videos, giving advice and tips.

Q5. Is there any update on Vivek Bindra and his wife’s situation?
As of now, there’s no clear update. The situation is still unfolding, and people are waiting to hear more about what happened.

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