YouTube Wale Baba Get Back From Giveaway? Deleted The Video On Instagram!

YouTube Wale Baba giveaway video deleted

YouTube Wale Baba Instagram Giveaway Video Deleted, Fans Get Upset

In a surprising turn of events, the famed YouTuber, known by his moniker ‘YouTube Wale Baba,’ has found himself at the center of a controversy after one of his Instagram videos mysteriously disappeared. The video in question featured a challenge laid out by YouTube Wale Baba, with an enticing car as the grand prize for the lucky winner.

However, the excitement surrounding the challenge took an unexpected twist when fans discovered that the video had been deleted. Speculations began circulating, with some attributing the disappearance to a glitch on Instagram, while others speculated that YouTube Wale Baba himself may have removed the content.

In response to the growing confusion and speculations, YouTube Wale Baba promptly addressed the matter in a candid video. The content creator clarified, “I have not deleted the video; Instagram itself did this. There is no issue with the giveaway reward; it’s all still on the table. But before claiming the prize, participants must first complete the challenge as outlined.”


Q: Did He delete the video himself?

A: No, He has clarified that he did not delete the video. The disappearance is attributed to an Instagram glitch.

Q: Is the He car giveaway still valid?

A: Yes, according to YouTube Wale Baba, the giveaway reward is still intact. However, participants must complete the challenge before claiming the prize.

Q: When can we expect more updates?

A: Stay tuned for further updates from YouTube Wale Baba as he navigates through the aftermath of the Instagram glitch and ensures a smooth resolution to the challenge and giveaway.

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