Flying Beast Very Concerned About People’s Screen Time, Apple Vision Pro Is Dangerous?

Flying Beast Raises Concerns Over Rising Screen Time in Latest Vlog

Flying Beast Raises Concerns Over Rising Screen Time in Latest Vlog

In a recent vlog, renowned YouTuber Flying Beast, also known as Gaurav Taneja, shared his apprehensions about the increasing screen time associated with the latest technological advancements. The focus of his concern was Apple’s new feature, Vision Pro, which prompted him to reflect on the potential impact on children’s daily screen usage.

Expressing his worry, Taneja stated, “I am concerned about the average screen time of children, which currently stands at 6-7 hours a day. With the introduction of these new devices, I fear it will inevitably spike to 12-13 hours within the next 5-6 years. This surge, I believe, will not only contribute to heightened anxiety and stress levels but may also lead people to disengage from the real world.”

Taneja’s thought-provoking question to his audience was, “So, what do you guys think – is it good or bad?”

The discussion initiated by Flying Beast has sparked contemplation about the consequences of prolonged screen exposure, especially among the younger generation. As technology continues to advance, it becomes essential for society to weigh the benefits against potential drawbacks, ensuring a balanced and healthy approach to screen time.


Q1: What prompted Flying Beast to express concerns about screen time?

A1: Flying Beast, in his latest vlog, raised concerns after exploring Apple’s new feature, Vision Pro, and contemplating its potential impact on children’s screen time.

Q2: What is the current average screen time for children, according to Flying Beast?

A2: Gaurav Taneja highlighted that the current average screen time for children is approximately 6-7 hours a day.

Q3: How does Flying Beast foresee the future of screen time with new devices?

A3: Taneja expressed concern that the introduction of new devices could lead to a significant increase in average screen time, potentially reaching 12-13 hours a day within the next 5-6 years.

Q4: What potential consequences did Flying Beast mention regarding increased screen time?

A4: Flying Beast suggested that heightened screen time could contribute to increased anxiety and stress levels, along with a potential disconnect from the real world.

Q5: What question did Flying Beast pose to his audience regarding increased screen time?

A5: Taneja asked his audience to reflect on whether the projected increase in screen time is a positive or negative development.

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