Disgusting! Gaurav Zone House Demolished By Delhi Government? Sad For Family!

gaurav zone house demolished by muncipal corporation of delhi

Gaurav Zone New House In Delhi Will Be Demolished By The Delhi Government!

In a recent turn of events, the renowned YouTuber Gaurav Zone took to Instagram to share a heartfelt story, revealing his apprehensions about his new residence. Nestled in the heart of Delhi, Gaurav’s house has become a focal point of worry due to an ongoing road construction project in the area.

The popular content creator, known for his entertaining videos and engaging vlogs, opened up about the challenges he is facing as his beloved home falls within the ambit of this construction initiative. In his Instagram story, Gaurav expressed a profound sense of sadness as the construction plans unfold, casting a shadow over the tranquility of his abode.

As Gaurav Zone navigates this unexpected hurdle, his followers and fans are eager to understand more about the situation. The YouTuber’s emotional disclosure has sparked curiosity, leaving many with questions about the fate of his residence amidst the road construction developments.


Q: Why is Gaurav Zone concerned about his house? A: Gaurav Zone’s house in Delhi is part of a road construction project, causing him significant distress.

Q: How is the construction affecting Gaurav’s home? A: The ongoing road construction project in the area has raised concerns about the impact on the tranquility of Gaurav Zone’s residence.

Q: What did Gaurav Zone share on Instagram? A: Gaurav shared a heartfelt Instagram story expressing his worries and sadness regarding the construction plans affecting his new house.

Q: What is the reaction of Gaurav’s followers? A: Gaurav’s disclosure has sparked curiosity and concern among his followers, prompting questions about the future of his residence amidst the construction developments.

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