Prerna Malhan Getting Death Threats, Religious Trauma Getting Huge?

Prerna Malhan Getting Death Threat

Prerna Malhan Getting Death Threats On Twitter, Know The Full Matter

Title: Prerna Malhan Faces Backlash Over Controversial Tweet on Religious Figures

In the realm of social media, controversies are not uncommon, and the latest storm is swirling around the popular YouTuber, Prerna Malhan. The content creator found herself in hot water after sharing a tweet expressing her confusion about the authenticity of religious figures, particularly the term “godmen.” Little did she know that her words would ignite a firestorm of criticism and even death threats from some quarters of the internet.

In the now-deleted tweet, Prerna wrote, “Still don’t understand the concept of godmen. Met one while.” This innocent expression of perplexity quickly turned into a battlefield of opinions, with users attacking her for questioning the authenticity of a prominent religious figure, often referred to as ‘BABA.’

The situation escalated when Prerna responded to the backlash, revealing that the person in question had allegedly threatened her with physical harm. In her follow-up tweet, she stated, “Ye aadmi abuse karra tha hath me danda dikhake dhamki dera tha! Aur kuch janna hai” (This man was abusing, showing a stick, and threatening with physical harm! And there’s more to know).

Undeterred by the threats, Prerna took to Twitter again to share her emotions and address the online abuse she was receiving. In a defiant tweet, she wrote, “Thanks! Ab death threats, baby ko threats, jab itna dekh sun lo to immune hojate ho aap! Shocking tab hota hai jab samjhdar log bhi na samjhi ki bate karte hai! Just to prove a point jo shayad exist bi ni karta! But ap apna karm karte jao that’s all” (Thanks! Now, when you’ve seen and heard so much, you become immune to death threats, threats to your loved ones! It’s shocking when intelligent people don’t understand the words spoken just to prove a point that may not even exist! But keep doing your deeds, that’s all).

As the controversy continues to unfold, one can’t help but wonder about the larger implications of such incidents in the digital age. Prerna Malhan’s experience raises questions about the fine line between expressing opinions and facing severe consequences in the online world.


Q1: What was Prerna Malhan’s controversial tweet about?
A1: Prerna Malhan’s tweet expressed her confusion about the concept of godmen, particularly a religious figure she encountered.

Q2: Why did the tweet spark controversy?
A2: The tweet ignited a backlash from people who took offense to Prerna questioning the authenticity of the religious figure known as ‘BABA.’

Q3: What escalated the situation further?
A3: Prerna claimed that the individual in question threatened her with physical harm, leading to a more intense online confrontation.

Q4: How did Prerna respond to the online abuse and threats?
A4: Prerna responded defiantly, expressing gratitude for the experience and urging individuals to focus on their own actions.

Q5: What larger questions does this incident raise about the online world?
A5: The incident prompts reflection on the consequences of expressing opinions online and the blurred boundaries between free speech and online harassment.

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