[Live] Ram Rahim Exposed by Shyam Meera Singh ? Legal Action Controversy !

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In a recent video on YouTube, a guy named Shyam Meera Singh spilled the beans on Ram Rahim, who calls himself a saint but seems to have some shady secrets. Now, Ram Rahim didn’t like that at all and decided to file a case against Shyam.

When Shyam got wind of this, he didn’t back down. In his reply, he spilled some serious tea. He said that back in 2002, Ram Rahim ordered to bump off a journalist buddy and even got rid of his own former sidekick. CBI, which is like the detective squad of India, did some digging and took the matter to court. Turns out, there were proofs of two nasty crimes.

Now, fast forward to today, Ram Rahim is trying to drag Shyam to the Delhi High Court. Shyam is like, “I’m not taking down the video. Nope, not happening.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What did Shyam Meera Singh reveal about Ram Rahim?
Shyam spilled some secrets about Gurmeet Rahim in a recent YouTube video, showing a different side to the self-proclaimed saint.

Q2: Why did Ram Rahim file a case against Shyam?
Gurmeet Rahim didn’t like Shyam’s video exposing him, so he decided to take legal action against Shyam.

Q3: What did Shyam claim about the events in 2002?
Shyam accused Ram Rahim of ordering the murder of a journalist and even taking out his own former sidekick back in 2002.

Q4: What happened after CBI got involved?
CBI, the detective squad, investigated the claims, and proofs of two serious crimes came to light.

Q5: Why is the case now in Delhi High Court?
Ram Rahim has taken the case to Delhi High Court, trying to make Shyam take down the video, but Shyam is standing firm, saying, “Nope, not gonna happen.”

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