Thugesh Abused Mridul Madhok For The First Time? Copyright Issue Went Viral!

thugesh made a roast video on mridul madhok

Thugesh Made A Video Against Mridul Madhok For Giving Copy Right Strike To Other YouTubers.

In the ever-evolving realm of YouTube content creation, recent events have stirred the pot, bringing forth a clash between two prominent creators – Thugesh, widely known as Mahesh, and Mridul Madhok. The catalyst for this clash lies in the contentious world of copyright strikes and their repercussions on the YouTube landscape.

Thugesh, known for his knack for addressing current trends, turned his attention to Mridul Madhok, who has been wielding copyright strikes like a double-edged sword. Mridul’s recent actions involve issuing copyright strikes against creators who had previously crafted roast videos about him, dating back a couple of years.

In a recent video, Mahesh laid out his perspective on the matter, asserting that copyright strikes are a perilous tool that can potentially harm a YouTube channel. However, he commended YouTube for its discernment, stating that the platform refused to entertain Mridul’s strikes against him, effectively showing him the exit.

Mahesh’s central argument revolves around Mridul Madhok’s purported attempt to refurbish his public image by whitewashing his past, using copyright strikes to wipe the slate clean. Thugesh contended that a more amicable approach from Mridul, such as a polite request to remove the videos, would have been met with cooperation. Instead, Mridul chose the direct route of copyright strikes, a move that Mahesh perceives as heavy-handed.

Expressing his conviction, Mahesh predicted that Mridul might attempt to have his response video taken down as well. However, Thugesh cautioned that such actions would only intensify the scrutiny, with more creators likely to jump into the fray, and even the possibility of YouTube heavyweight CarryMinati entering the scene to roast Mridul Madhok.

As the YouTube drama unfolds, the stakes are high, and the repercussions of Mridul’s copyright strike spree remain uncertain. Will the YouTube community rally against this perceived overreach, or will Mridul’s efforts to rewrite his digital narrative succeed? Only time will tell.


Q1: What prompted Thugesh to make a video against Mridul Madhok?
Thugesh responded to Mridul Madhok’s recent spree of issuing copyright strikes against creators who had made roast videos about him a couple of years ago.

Q2: How did YouTube handle the copyright strikes against Thugesh?
YouTube, according to Thugesh, displayed discernment by refusing to accept the copyright strikes and essentially showing Mridul Madhok the exit.

Q3: What does Thugesh think about Mridul’s approach to address the situation?
Thugesh believes that Mridul could have taken a more diplomatic approach, such as politely requesting the removal of roast videos, instead of resorting to direct copyright strikes.

Q4: What warning did Thugesh issue to Mridul Madhok?
Thugesh cautioned Mridul that attempting to take down response videos would only amplify the situation, with more creators joining the conversation, and even the possibility of CarryMinati making a roast video against Mridul.

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