[Live] Vivek Bindra MLM Exposed by Abhi and Niyu ! Fake Billionaire Scam !

abhi and niyu exposed vivek bindra ,sandeep maheshwari controversy

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Hey everyone, it’s your friendly news buddy here! 🌟 Guess what? Abhi and Niyu, our cool Indian duo, just spilled some tea on Vivek Bindra’s business coaching. Let me break it down for you in super simple terms.

Abhi and Niyu recently asked Vivek Bindra some questions about his coaching sessions. You know, those videos where he talks about billionaires coming to teach business secrets? Well, Abhi and Niyu got curious and decided to do some digging.

So, here’s the scoop: Vivek Bindra claimed that big-shot billionaires attend his sessions to share their business wisdom. But Abhi and Niyu were like, “Hold up! There are only 169 billionaires in India, and we know most of them because they’re famous. Where are they in your videos, Vivek?”

They also pointed out something interesting. Abhi and Niyu accused Vivek Bindra of doing something called MLM (that’s short for Multi-Level Marketing, by the way). They said he might be indirectly involved in it. Now, that’s a bit of a twist, isn’t it?

Now, let’s dive into some FAQs (that’s Frequently Asked Questions, in case you didn’t know):

  1. What did Abhi and Niyu question Vivek Bindra about?
    Abhi and Niyu questioned Vivek Bindra about his claim that billionaires attend his coaching sessions to teach business.
  2. How many billionaires are there in India, according to Abhi and Niyu?
    Abhi and Niyu mentioned that there are only 169 billionaires in India, and they are well-known. They wondered why these billionaires weren’t seen in Vivek Bindra’s videos.
  3. What did Abhi and Niyu accuse Bindra of?
    Abhi and Niyu accused Vivek Bindra of indirectly getting involved in something called MLM, which stands for Multi-Level Marketing.

There you have it, folks! Abhi and Niyu are on a mission to unravel the mysteries of the business world, and we’re here for all the drama. Stay tuned for more news! 🚀

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